Ice Ice Baby You Stole My Song!

I’m stepping back a year to the song that created the most controversy I remember.

Yo Vanilla, kick it one time, boyie…..

Yo VIP let’s kick it

Ice, ice baby. Ice, ice baby.

All right stop collaborate and listen

Ice is back with my brank new invention


Normally I would review an entire album, but since it’s Vanilla Ice and I only recognise one song from him, I’m just going to talk about one of his songs. I don’t want to say he’s a one-hit-wonder because there might be hardcore fans of his that will get upset. I don’t know if there are any fans. If you are, please say so.

 He stole the background music of ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen and wrote his own rap. He was the greatest thing that happened to Eminem because he was the first white guy to release a rap song and was able to become a huge hit. I love Queen. They are my favourite 70s,80s band, so I wasn’t happy about the song. I hated Vanilla Ice. But it’s so addictive and such a great old school rap song, how could I possible hate Vanilla Ice? It’s stated on Wikipedia that his friend actually wrote the lyrics to the song and forced Vanilla to give him royalties which he didn’t, that’s another reason to hate him. He also said he owned no royalties for the simularity between the instrumental of Queen’s and David Bowie’s song. I don’t hate him anymore because it is over. He is a white guy who released a really good rap song and that’s it. I don’t care about the issues anymore.

But where is he now?

Credit to myfocusisongod for the video.

One thought on “Ice Ice Baby You Stole My Song!

  1. I love Queen. Of course Ice Ice Baby is just another great catchy song everyone knows but Vanilla couldve at least given people credit for their lyrics or got permission to use the music. It wouldnt make the song any less famous if he got permission to use the music and gave credit to his friend, it wouldve made him a better person.

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