The Ducks Learn How to Defend Themselves

The Mighty Ducks is film that many people enjoy and are too embarrassed to admit that this is one of their favorite movies of all time. I admit it, I love the Mighty Ducks.


When you’re under the age of thirteen, you can pretty much watch the same movie you love over and over again and still want to watch it over and over again. The Mighty Ducks is an example of a film I watched everyday until I grew up and forgot all about it. As some people get into their early teenage years, they feel they’re too old for these kind of movies. That is such a shame. Nobody is ever too old for family friendly movies. You might be older, but the child-like spirit will always be there.

Gordon Bombay was a successful lawyer and treated every case like a competition. In court he played the game as if he was really in a tennis court. Bombay made the wrong decision to drink and drive, and speed. He got pulled over and was forced to do community service. His boss, Mr. Ducksworth thought it would teach him how to companionate; become a better man.

To his horror he must coach a peewee hockey team called the District Five. They’d never won a game in their life and they all acted like rascals. Bombay kept getting flashbacks of his peewee hockey days. I always felt so sorry for him whenever his shoulders slumped and his head dropped after he missed his last shot.

The rollercoaster continued as now ‘Coach’ Bombay tried to get his disastrous team to win with quick solutions and not putting much effort into the team himself. Sort of like the fastest way to lose weight, but those solutions never work. Gordon learned that there was more to winning, and the most important aspect of playing hockey was to have fun. He should be so lucky that no one in his team was a sore loser. After lots of hard work, the team did really well and was close to the playoffs. Their rival team was Bombay’s peewee hockey team; the Hawks. They’d won every season except the year that Bombay missed his shot. That was sooo sad and, kind of hilarious. The Hawks were a bunch of bullies, ready to kill. Their uniform color was black. Isn’t it strange how the rival team usually has black uniform? The Iceland hockey team in the sequel wore black too, and their uniform was identical to the Hawks.

The Hawks had the most ambitious player, and he’s also my favorite character; Adam Banks, but he had been playing for the wrong team since the district zones had changed! What a story.

Memorable Team Members:

Charlie Conway: The responsible and more mature kid. Living with a single mother. Coach’s best friend?

Fulton Reed: The older kid with a lot of strength but not much concentration. Gets a 1/5 chance of scoring.

Guy Germaine and Connie Moreau: Two kids going through puppy love.

Greg ‘Goldberg’: The one with all the overweight jokes. Always the one to blame when the room smells funky.

Lester Averman: The nerdy looking one with all the jokes and doesn’t take anything seriously.

Jesse Hall: Known for his line, “cake eater”. Hated the idea of the star player of the Hawks, Adam Banks, was joining their team.

Peter Mark: Shortest team member with a leather jacket and an attitude.

Dave Karp: The chubby kid. The one that understands what sarcasm is.

 Don’t think I am someone that is easily impressed. This is one of few that get such a good rating. This film deserves it.


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