Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes, by Louis Sachar

Aww, why? Why? Why! I am very disappointed. He should have made a squeal. Is there a sequel? If not then, why!


This book is the sequel to Someday Angeline. I never knew that until I searched it up, and I will try and obtain a copy of that someday, but I’m more interested in Gary Boone. His classmates call him Goon. He’s always telling jokes, no matter how lame they are, and never takes anything seriously. People at school think he’s weird so he doesn’t have any friends. People at school bully him, because he never gets mad, he just laughs. The only friends he has is Angeline, Gus, Abel, and Miss. Turbone. Abel is Angeline’s dad and Gus is his partner for garbage collecting. Angeline and Gary call Miss Turbone, Mr. Bone because they both sound exactly the same. She is Gary’s former fifth grade teacher. Angeline Persopolis is only eight but is studying astrophysics and nuclear chemistry at a special school for privledged children in Nebraska. Freak of nature you may say. She’s the only one that thinks Gary is really, really funny. He is only able to see her on the weekend.

 Gary finds out that the school is holding a talent show and the winner gets $100. Brenda Thompson (really popular) thought of it for her own selfish reason so she can sing. Gary thought of doing stand-up comedy and thinks this is his chance to shine. Angeline tells him to tell the school Ms. Snitzberry jokes because they are the funniest, but he disagrees because the audience are more likely to laugh if your jokes are personally; nobody knows Ms. Snitzberry. Everyday after school, Gary comes up with a ton of jokes to prepare for the talent show. He must put in one-hundred percent! His parents don’t like the idea of him spending so much time telling jokes than he does with school work, so they offer him $100 for not telling a joke until the talent show. They believe that he tells jokes to hide from reality. Gary makes a deal (with cards).

 Gary starts acting like a normal kid. Michael Higgins and his twin brother Steve, and Ira collect baseball cards and he listens in on their conversation without acting like a weirdo. He can never tell Michael and Steven apart. The three of them tell him he should collect baseball cards like them. He’s making friends already. The most popular guy, Joe, even allows him to catch a pass in football.

 What he doesn’t know is that the cool kids are going to humiliate him at the talent quest. Joe, the popular guy, believes they should just let ‘Goon’ do what he likes and leave him alone. He tries multiple times to warn Gary and tell him to ‘not take it so seriously’. Now Gary does his homework, play football, and do other normal things. When he tries to think up jokes, he realises that none of them are funny enough to make Joe laugh. Gary kind of falls in love with Joe, since everything must please Joe and how wonderful it would be to become Joe.

 Since his jokes suck, Gary quits the talent show. He comes schizophrenic because Ms. Snizberry apears in his bedroom and tells him he shouldn’t have quit. She didn’t allow him to make fun of her just so he can quit. Gary does what she says and picks out the funny jokes he created and put them all together in time for the talent quest. Angeline calls and tells him to quit because she has a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen. I prayed that he would listen to her. He didn’t because if it’s a disaster, let it be a disaster.

 At the talent quest, Gary goes last. He doesn’t have a choice. He is so nervous he pees in his pants. He starts off terrible because he jumbles everything up and doesn’t follow his order. Then the popular kids humuliate him, but he uses it to his advantage and gains some laughs. Gary turns out to be a huge hit and wins the $100. He borrowed a bald head from Gus to pretend he has a bald head. Louis Sachar didn’t say this, but it’s obvious that it came from Gus if you read the book. The popular kids accept him, hell, everyone accepts him. I think Joe turns out to be a not-so-great guy because he doesn’t congratulate Gary at all. He might have been jealous.

 In the end, Gary goes back to his seat on stage to collect his props but becomes tired. Then he cries for fifteen minutes. That’s how it ends! No explanation. I would like to know why he just burst out crying!

 Some reasons why he cried:

1. He is overwhelmed with the attention and how everyone accepts him and doesn’t think he’s a loser anymore.

2. He never use to cry, he always laughs. The tears he never released was too full and had to burst.

3. He is actually upset about how the popular boys made fun of him on stage, even though he told them that he thought it was hilarious.

4. Don’t know any others. Do you?

 Great book. Enjoyed it! I guess it didn’t take long at all since the font is pretty big. It didn’t gain the same success as Holes did. The first edition was published in 1991. I have the 2002 edition, different to the cover above. The cover is bright orange with a dog and a microphone.


 If you know reasons why he cried, please tell me. I wish I knew the actual reason. It’s really bugging me.


18 thoughts on “Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes, by Louis Sachar

  1. thank u that is exactly what i wanted to know i stayed up all night trying to find an explanation. I hate aurthors who do that……but the book was very very good, keep it up louis

  2. I think he cried because he did so much hard work and he finally finished successfully and he felt relived so he cried for a bit…………….

  3. It’s probably a symbol from the beginning where it says it starts as a smile and in the end, he starts crying, which is a smile upside down, which means he is turning his life in another direction…….

  4. Hello people, Happy Fool’s Day!

    You look terrible. What’s the problem?
    Gee, that’s tough!
    No wonder you’re depressed.

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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  6. Help me!!!!!!i am extremly pissed about the ending makes no senses what so ever,if yoi find out please email me and remember gary ALWAYS TRUST ANGELINI

  7. I DON’T KNOW!!! I looked this up on Google to find out.. but it looks as if
    no one knows. I will search farther… but the begins with a smile and ends with a frown… I guess I would use that if I didint find anything but… if true… CHEESY!!

  8. its strange how Leslie says when is going to grow back Gary said four months Leslie said great i get my braces off in four months then she walks away he thinks what did she say and gets his pros and cries for fifteen minutes and his mom asked why

  9. I think he cried at the end because, maybe, just maybe all that happen was only part of his imagination and he is really still on stage trying to start his “skit”

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