Remember these cool cartoons?

I still enjoy watching cartoons but there’s nothing worthy! All the cartoons on tv are really bad and their animations are terrible. Back then people took a lot of time to produce their cartoons. Now it’s like, let’s just make a cartoon where they don’t move naturally for humans on the computer. That should save time. Here are some really good ones that I forgot for a long time.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry. This was awesome. So many characters from all over the world having cool adventures. You get to learn something to. Learning can be really boring, but whenever I watch this, I love watching them learn how to do things. One of my favourites as a kid. I repeatedly borrowed video tapes from the library just to watch this over and over again.

Katie and Orbie. Unfortunately, this only showed on the school holidays and it never cam back on. I was in the fifth grade and was embarassed to still be watching cartoons, but back at school, the program came on the class TV, and half the class were shouting “Katie and Orbie! Aww!” The characters barely talk, it’s mainly the narrator that talks. Orbie is the cutust alien I have ever seen.

Rupert!!!!!! He’s a weird looking bear, but you have to love his adventures. There are actually episodes of Rupert (1991) on youtube.

Little Bear isn’t as exciting as the rest but it’s still good. This show has great imagination. The characters are adorable. Especially the Owl.

Oh what treasures. I hoped I jogged people’s memories. I have to thank abckids for their list of children’s shows.

Videos by  M249M4A1, MrKris411, starlac, and morrisseyfan001 respectfully.

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