Let’s All Just … Blame it on the weatherman

Anytime you have a problem and you really want to blame it on someone, why not the weatherman, right? Ok, this post is about music. Perhaps you’re familiar with a song title by that name? Does anybody remember B*Witched? How can you not????

It has been so long since I posted anything and I have good reasons. I planned to get at least one post this month. Glad to be back.

It’s so sad to find out that their record label ditched them leaving them high and dry. They were doing so well too. I loved the twin’s voices. Forget Hannah Montana, listen to this group. Their target audience were the younger generation which made them decide to have a tomboy image. Children these days are reading Gossip Girl, watching Gossip Girl… they are bad influences. They are being ruined psychologically. I think any children of any generation will enjoy B*Witched. Seriously though, I can barely listen to them right now. I was never allowed to buy CDs and I did not have any money as a kid. This was the first album I got and I listened to it on repeat for about a year. I’m not saying I hate their songs because they are terrible, I can’t stand to listen to them because their tunes are so darn catchy that they stay with you for eternity! Let’s pretend I travelled back in time and listening to them for the first time.

Let’s Go (The B*Witched Jig) – Just because they’re Irish, do they have to have a jig? The starts sounds kind of nice, I picture Lord of the Rings in the Shire. Then I imagine square dancing. I’m not into jigs. Sorry. At least it doesn’t go for very long.

C’est La Vie – Oooh, I’m loving this one. You’ll never forget this catchy melody and easy sing-a-long lyrics. Children will love this song. A Karaoke song for the 90s generation for sure. This song doesn’t fail to give the Irish effect. I wish I can put on an Irish accent. And scottish. I can’t tell the difference.

Rev It Up – I can’t stand this song. I am either bored or I don’t even want to listen to it because it’s getting on my nerves. This song is probably just boring me.

To You I Belong – The first ballad of the album. I’m a sucker for pop ballads. I find they have more meaning. “Whenever dark turns to night, and all the dreams sing their song, in the daylight forever, to you I belong.” Does that make sense? I’m not good at poetry. Every song is poetry, even though it might be really bad so don’t start bashing Poet snobs. Anyway, this is beautiful.

Rollercoaster – This song reached number one in the UK and in Australia. It reached number 67 in the US? What was up USA? Did you really hate the song that much? It was a hit! I just saw the film clip on youtube and it’s uh… it’s weird. I’m not going to blame it because it was 1998, because I’ve seen lots of good clips from 1998, minus Billie Piper.

Blame It On the Weatherman – Acoustic guitar in the beginning and in comes the other instruments. It’s one of those bitter sweet songs that isn’t exactly a ballad but is not an upbeat song either. One of the greatest songs on the album.

We Four Girl – The four girls are expressing their rock side and it’s not too bad except when they start talking in rhythm. It just keeps repeating verses and choruses and the lyrics suck. Skiiiiip.

Castles In The Air – Interesting Ballad. Good lyrics but I’m just not into this song right now. Maybe when I feel like I need some peace I’ll crack this tune another time.

Freak Out – This has 90s pop written all over it, “Platform shoes too high for hip hop”. This reminds me of Spicegirl’s Wannabe. This song shows that the girl group have a sense of humour. It’s weird and I like weird.

Like The Rose – [exhale] This is such a long album and I’m only on track ten! Another pop ballad and yes, I like it very much. No really, it’s worth a listen to. People who enjoy alternative music should enjoy this. This is a song that makes me wonder why the label would drop them. Tell me why!

Never Giving Up – This is the weakest pop melody on this album. Every album needs a bad song.

Oh Mr Postman – I did not like this song when I was a kid. I’m really enjoying it at the moment. It’s a slow happy song. I think I like it so much now because it’s got kind of barbershop feel to it with the backup voices. Reminds me of the Beach Boys.

 There you go. I’m finished. If you have the albums and haven’t heard it in ages, listen to it with an open mind. If you don’t have the CD, download some of the track? Download it legally. Watch some clips on youtube if you want. Good old youtube.

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