It’s Morphin Time!

I’m talking about the simple first season.  You know what I’m talking about. There’s a black one, a pink one, blue, yellow, and red. When did the green one join the group?

The first episode starts off with a mysterious dumpster on some strange planet. These two astronauts take off the lid of the dumpster out of curiosity and BOOM! Out pops Rita Repulsa and her alien-monster like army. After being trapped for ten thousand years, she’s ready to conquer Earth. Zordon, a floating head, realizes this and must stop her from destroying the planet. He says my favourite line out of the whole show.

Zordon: Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans.
Alpha 5: No, not that! Not… teenagers!

Alpha 5 is a weird robot but doesn’t move like a robot at all. He has wiggly arms that make him look like he’s trying to dance all the time, horribly.

Jason Lee Scott, Red Ranger

Billy Cranston, Blue Ranger

Kimberly Heart, Pink Ranger

Trini Kwan, Yellow Ranger (ahem)

Zack Taylor, Black Ranger (ahem)

 Please excuse me from the last two. Cough Cough. These were the first rangers gathered for Zordon to help fight against Zita. Jason is a martial arts master and teaches a karate class. Billy is one of his students. He is better with technology. Zack is a practical joker and a great dancer. Kimberly has gymnastic skills. Trini, I think she knows karate, or she just likes Tai Chi. I really don’t know what she was doing in the first episode. This show is really stereotypical. Actually, this show created the stereotypes type for me, since I was too young to know what stereotypes are.

 The five of them don’t want to bossed around by a floating head! They decide to walk away but they get attacked by skinny humans in grey tights! Okay, they’re trying to be aliens with martial arts skills. After getting their butts kicked, they morph into the Ranger outfits. How did they know how to do that? Once they are Power Rangers, they have super human strength and better fighting skills, not that Jason needs it. They seem to know how to do everything without being taught how. Or even testing their powers out. They master it in one go because Jason calls for Dinosaur power, they jump hundred of metres into their dinosaurs and morph into Megasaur Battle Mode. This is lame, but it is so coooool…. The rangers didn’t have any training or practise and yet they know how to do everything. But watching them morph, fight, transform, along with their theme song (I love the theme song) it’s soooo cooooooool. I was just in awe since I haven’t seen this show in ages.

This is the greatest children, that is non an animation, show of all time! Anybody else agree?

Go Go Power Rangers!

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