Girls can play football too!

Two brothers go head to head at Pee Wee football when the star football player brother doesn’t include the nerdy brother’s daughter into his team. You see the girl is one of the best players who tried out, but he didn’t want her because she is well, a girl.

I thought I never watched this before. I just saw it this morning. When I watched the intimidation scene with white foamy drool escaped from their mouths, I definitely saw this before. That was the only scene I remember clearly.

I never knew Devon Sawa is in this. From there you can tell he would grow up into a handsome guy. He did, but now . . . he’s losing his looks. But he looks great here. Maybe he should lose some weight.


Anyway, this children’s flick was a lot of fun. The main character Becky O’Shea is really good at football and makes her dad couch a team going against her uncle’s. When Junior Floyd joins the team, she gets gaga for him and decides she should be a cheerleader instead of a football player. Junior don’t do for tough tomboys.

The storyline is simular to Mighty Ducks. A crap team tries to beat the best team there is. But in this one they grab any kid anywhere to join the team. They don’t even have to like football. I had a lot of fun watching this.


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