Backstreet Boys are not broken! They’re Unbreakable!

I know, I know, it’s been over a month since I posted anything! It’s not that I was busy, like my other excuse, I just had no idea what to talk about. Then there are so many things to talk about I don’t know where to start. I can’t ignore the Backstreet Boys (BSB) any longer. Instead of talking about their fame, I decided to compare their new songs to their old songs (that I’ve heard) from their first album . This meant I had to buy the album until I write anything.


First, the classics.
We’ve Got it Goin On – Their first music video and they’re dancing like weirdos. I really have no words about this song. Its not that great.
Anywhere For You, Get Down (You’re the One for Me) – They’re okay.
I’ll Never Break Your Heart – This song sounds really cheezy love song (well duh, its the 90s) but it’s actually really good. I would rate this song to be the second best from the album.
Quit Playing Game (With My Heart) – This should have been their first single because it’s so good. By far the best song on the album. Max Martin is a genius. This is a stupid question, but have you seen the film clip to this song? The boys are all wearing white polo shirts, its pouring rain, and they’re soaking up and acting sexy. Sell outs or one of their best music videos ever? I say the second one!
Boys Will Be Boys – Very early 90s beats made from keyboard. David Silver, did you create this track?
I Wanna By With You – Another Max Martin track and it sounds a whole lot like We’ve Got It Going On!
Everytime Time I Close My Eyes – Never heard it.
Darlin’ – This is the first time I’ve heard of this song but I feel like it really brings me back! This is how love songs use to sound . . . and it’s very pleasant. This is song is so romantic.
Let’s Have a Party – This only features Nick Carter. He sounds a lot like Aaron Carter, only better. This is purely innocent and fun. You might want to play this song at a party among people that enjoy the sounds of the 90s, and if you want a good party, you should.
Roll With It – Worse song on the album.
Nobody Like You – I can see D.J. Tanner rock out to this song. Is she a big fan on the show?

Backstreet Boys International was released in 1996. Over ten years later and they’re still going. Good for them. It means so much for a boy band to stick together. Brian (use to be called B-Rock), Nick, A.J., Howie, and Kevin have grown up into hansome looking men! Kevin has left the band to focus on his family life but he can come back and to the band whenever he wants, because he will always be a BSB. Hopefully you will come back soon, Kevin. I miss your deep soothing voice!


Kevin is missing, Max Martin has not written any hits for the boys, but guess what, their new album Unbreakable is still terrific. I should know, I bought it, and I don’t regret it. My favourite songs are Helpless When She Smiles, One In A Million, Everything But Mine, Treat Me Right, and Unsuspecting Sunday Aftertoon which ties in with INTRO. JC Chasez, N*Sync band member, co-writes the song Treat Me Right and it’s soooooooo good. I’m glad to see that there are no hard feelings between the two. At least for JC. I can’t say the same thing about Justin Timberlake. What a joke he turned out to be. He thinks he’s so hot.

Nick Carter has grown mature and has left his wannabe gangster days behind. Thank god. He’s going to stop being what he’s not (hip hop artist – take some advice Justin!) and be the best at what he’s good at, a pop artist. I’m so happy for him. Long live pop music.

Please purchase their new album, Unbreakable. I am a loyal 90s fan. If you are a loyal 90s fan, or just a loyal Backstreet Boys fan, you wouldn’t be downloading this album, you will be buying the CD! Why wouldn’t you? It’s a great album. The released songs on this album aren’t as good as their old cd, but when you add all the quality of the songs together and compare it to the old one, this album is actually way better.

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