We have no parents so we eat fast food all day.

Everybody talks about Beverly Hills 90210, The OC, Dawson’s creek, One Tree Hill, but what about Party of Five? Does anybody remember this show? Anybody?

The reason why I wanted to watch this show in the first place was because I found out Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it and I’m a huge fan. Yes, I said it. Don’t make fun of me! Sadly she is not in the first season, but who cares because the first season is super entertaining! Who needs Love Hewitt?

Mr. and Mrs. Salinger have died tragically in a car accident. Bailey, Julia, Claudia, and Owen are orphans and their new guadian is their 24 year old brother Charlie. Here are the best and worst bits of each character:

Charlie : Best episode: When he was caring for his baby brother Owen like a father. So cute and touching.

              Worst episode: When he cheated on Kirsten! Luckily I forgave him for that after two or   three episodes.

Bailey : Best episode: When he stuck to his principles on whether or not he should rat out on his friend to stay on the football team.

            Worst episode: The entire time he was with who-cares-about-morals-drug-addict-liar Jill! This went on for a long time. He wouldn’t even listen to Charlie’s advice. Where’s Brandon Walsh? He could give this guy a lecture or two about his ways.

Julia : Best Episode: When she thought it was a good idea to talk to the man that was at fault for killing their parents. Good for you Julia.

         Worst Episode: Uh, there were tons! Over half of the season Julia was acting like a brat! When she lent her house to be the party house without telling the rest of the family. When she pretended to like a guy so she can have sex and quickly lose her virginity. When she pretended she was twenty one. When she made a guy fall in love with her when he was way too old to be dating her (still pretending to be twenty one). When she didn’t want to talk to Charlie while he wanted to tell her that Owen was in hospital. There’s a lot more.

Claudia : Best Episode: The time she sold her voilin to help the family out with their financial issues.

               Worst Episode: She was acting like a brat and wouldn’t listen to Charlie. She did whatever she wanted even though Charlie is the legal guardian. She drove Charlie up the wall and she drove me way up the wall!

Owen : He’s so cute! All he does is eat, sleep and cry, so he’s great all the time. I hope he doesn’t grow up into a brat. Teenagers are such a handful. Tweens are annoying.

 Matthew Fox (Charlie) plays Jack in ‘Lost’. He looks really different with long hair. Neve Campbell is not hot. Hewitt is so much prettier. Sorry. No comparison. Campbell sucks at acting too. It’s really annoying whenever she does that one nervous laugh that isn’t really a laugh whenever she talks. Sounds more like a high pitched exhale. She does it when she’s nervous, casually talking, and when she’s close to tears. Enough!

 I love this show for it’s realism, unlike the crappy teenage stuff on today. I’ve only seen the first season and it’s great so far. The finale surprised me. I can’t wait for season two. Jennifer Love Hewitt will make her first appearances!!! Who needs her? Uh, if this show continues to keep Neve Campbell, this does.

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