Camp Counselors – Summer Fling

Book #1 by Diane Ames. I orginally did not want to include books from book series into this blog, but that would be too limited. The 90s were all about book series.

What a breath of fresh air from reading Nancy Drew Mysteries. This book has personality- PERSONALITY! – fun, and camping! I love the idea of camping. Me, camping, I don’t know . . . I normally complain. I hate sleeping in tents.

So here’s what happens. The story starts off with junior counselors Annie and her best friend Jennifer in the cabin discussing Annie’s engagement with whom she is head over hills in love with; David. David is in California. Lisa is a shy girl who joins the girls later. She has low self-esteem, she is a doormat, and is a try-hard (wants people to like her). A new counsellor joins the cast; Nicole. She is a stereotypical rich b***h. I would not know how to handle someone as annoying as Nicole. I’m the complainer so it doesn’t help when someone else complains; that means its my duty to LOVE camping.

There’s a new male counsellor too. Gil is all the way from Melbourne, Australian and Nicole is all over him.

“Can she be anymore obvious?” Jennifer says of Nicole’s constant flirting.

The problem is Gil has a thing for Annie, but she’s in love with David. Nicole accuses Annie for trying to steal him and gives her a hard time. Annie’s all “everybody loves me why does she hate me so much” bla bla bla.

Annie is soooo in love with David, she cries because she misses him so much. HAHAHA. This love story is hilarious. She lets herself fall in love with Gil and she doesn’t tell him about David! She plans on keeping her two boyfriends a secret, and I’m supposed to feel sorry for her?

Meanwhile this eight year old called Sarah is being pressured by her father to be an expert in tennis but she pretty much sucks. She can’t even hit the ball. That just destroys my belief that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I choose to stand by my belief. Sarah is really good at art though. So am I!!!

David calls Annie’s best friend Jennifer that he’s making a surprise visit on Annie’s birthday. Nicole the brat finds out about this and tells Lisa to follow her wonderful scheme. Lisa does it of course because she is desperate for a best friend. Lisa tells Gil to give Annie a birthday surprise by singing happy birthday with a birthday cake. Great scheme Nicole. I was hoping for something better. Maybe you should get some tips from Jessica Wakefield.

Annie’s birthday occurs during the dance. Annie is surprised that she is alone at the dance. Then Jennifer surprises Annie by bringing out David. The lights go out and Gil comes towards her with a birthday cake. He calls her “honey”. David’s like “honey?” Gil notices that David is holding her very close around the waist. Gil and David find out that Annie has been seeing both of them. Gil finds out they are engaged. Both boys are very upset and walk away. I was hoping for a punch on or something. Damn.

So guess what happens next? Not much. Annie is miserable and sad and blames Nicole. She’s going to get back at Nicole she says. Oh pah leez. You deserved that. Nicole’s scheme was tame but it still turned out pretty funny.

Poor David. In the end David forgives her and wants her back but Annie doesn’t want him anymore. She wants Gil. Bye, bye David.

Sarah finds out her parents are coming to camp early to see her play tennis. She freaks out because she sucks! They’re coming in three days. She can’t improve and become an expert in three days! What does a child do when something like this happens? They run away.

The camp plan a search party for Sarah. There’s a thunderstorm. Gil offers to help Annie find Sarah (that means he forgives her) and they do. Annie convinces Sarah’s parents that she isn’t an athlete and see how wonderful she is as an artist.

Am I crazy to think you should work hard on something you’re bad at than something you’re already an expert?

This book was so-so. The thing that annoyed me about this chapter book was how the girls were playing pranks on the head of the girl’s camp Mara. They believed she was being too uptight because she wanted the place clean and ready for the campers to arrive. She’s being a head councellor! That’s her job! It’s called being organized. Gosh. I wonder what these junior councellors will be like as the head councellor.

Another thing that annoyed me was my favorite character Jennifer (a tom boy) wanted a love interest and she never got one. Annie gets two and she gets none. There’s four books in this series. The second one features Lisa, then Nicole (yay!) but I don’t know about the fourth one. If it’s not about Jennifer then I will not be happy.

Annie gets back at Nicole by . . . telling her that she and Gil are back together. Annie you suck. These girls don’t have any imagination to come up with anything better or they’re too nice.

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