I’m a Barbie Girl in a Bubblegum World

Do you want Bubblegum Pop? Then Aqua is the band for you.

 Aqua is a Danish-Norwegian band.  Isn’t it great how the 90s pop world had acts from all over the world instead of the music industry being swamped by American music. They are best known for their single ‘Barbie Girl’ which peaked at #1 in Australia, UK, and many other countries. It peaked at #7 in USA and #2 in Japan.

In 2007 Rolling Stone named the song as one of the top 20 most annoying songs. Okay, if you play this song non stop all day and all night, 24/7 for as long as possible (which is probably what you did when you purchased the single) then yes this song will eventually you drive you nuts. This was the only song I played when I was a kid and it’s been recorded with the family camcorder. After watching the video for old times sake and heard this song play in the background a gazillion times, I was going crazy. I felt sorry for my parents.

However, if you think their music is annoying and you have not heard their songs as much as my parents, then you must be really old and close minded. If you enjoy their songs then you must be full of youth.

For every music lover out there, if you like alternative music and hate bubblegum pop and you call others close-minded then you are a hypocrite. I enjoy pop, hip-hop, rock ‘n roll, alternative rock, other alternatives, classical, the 60s (surf music), 70s, 80s, and the 90s. I love all genres of music so why shouldn’t you? I hate techno but I don’t consider that music.

Their other single ‘Doctor Jones’ also did very well. It was #1 in Australia for seven weeks! That was my favourite song from the band. They were around the same time as Spice Girls since they were both so popular they were being compared a lot. Aqua wins!

If you enjoy their singles then you will LOVE their album. Buy it! Their album include some slow rhythmic dance songs which is always good to hear.

I will end this post with their colourful in-their-own-world music videos!


If you want to see more videos, just go to youtube.

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