Release the Purple Alien on DVD!

Do you remember this show where there’s a purple alien that travels in its small spaceship and it has a floating brain to help him? He fights bad guys and stuff? Have you ever asked about this and they thought you were making it up? I did! This TV show is called Widget the World Watcher.


It is so good. I loved watching it so much when I was young. Especially when he transformed. They didn’t play as much reruns as Captain Planet which is why I remember Captain Planet better. How can I remember the name Widget the World Watcher anyway? It’s such a long name. I only found out the name when my former English teacher asked us if we remembered a show called Widget the World Watcher. There isn’t much I can talk about because I don’t remember any clear episodes. I want to watch this again so can it please me released on DVD? Please? Maybe someone should start a petition?

Widget is so cute. This show rocked. Even if people posted this on youtube, it’s not the same as watching it on television. It deserves to come out on DVD. Who’s with me?

21 thoughts on “Release the Purple Alien on DVD!

  1. I hope these companies that made the shows we watched as a kid realise there is a massive market out here for DVD’s of old favourites. Monkey I have seen available and several others are starting to surface, very slowly, but I want the classics like
    Widget the World Watcher
    Captain Planet
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Ghost Writer
    And the hundreds of others available, I have literally searched the entire web and can find nothing. I’m sure the people wanting these DVD’s or even VHS’s, we can transfer them ourself, would pay $100+ just for these old classics. There is an absoloute mint to be made by these companies.
    I hope something surfaces soon!

  2. YES!
    I do remember this show, but only vaguely, which is a shame coz I know I loved it.
    And Super Ted. That Teddy bear who would say the magic word then unzip himself to reveal some red tights and a cape. Brilliant.
    There should definately be a petition, but where do we get one, and who does it get sent to so that something can be done about it?

  3. I collected ALL the Widget videos which were released commercially back when this show was on TV – in Australia. I have all 5 videos (10 episodes in all – 2 eps on are on each vid). I still have them to this day, and will not part with them until they finally get around to releasing it on DVD – if they ever do, that is…

    • Do you have a copy of “Slime Sleuths”? This is the only episode I remember, and I don’t know if it was released on VHS. I think this is the title; all I remember was that Brian, Kristine, Kevin, and Widget were in a cave or lab with Dr. Dante, who was ranting at them and yelling “I am Dr. Dante!” If you have this one, I’d love to get a copy.

    • Do you have Slime Sleuths? That’s the only episode I really remember. I just remember that Widget, Kristine, Kevin, and Brian were in a cave or lab with Dr. Dante, who was ranting at them and yelling “I AM DR. DANTE!” Was it released on the tapes you have? Also, if you want to get the show on dvd, try voting for it at, I’m going to try too. If the company sees demand, maybe they’ll do it.

  4. I looking for an episode with Widget, Half Pint and Mega Brain. They went back in time, came to Egypt and having a tug-of-war with Ratchet through a tornado in the end. Do you recognize the descripton or know the name of the episode? Please, help me.

  5. i loved watching wiget the world watcher it was great and i have been trying to find a dvd with all episodes on it so my kids can watch it as well as captain planet they were both great

  6. @ Tiffany – Sorry it has taken SO long to reply. I don’t visit this site very often.
    Yes I do have “Slime Sleuths” in my collection! In this episode Dr Dante is fooling people into believing he is creating fresh drinking water – however what he is really doing is polluting the local aquarium.

      • Sorry, I think the tapes are copy protected – or else my video player is too old, so unfortunately I can’t get a copy for you. However, have you tried eBay or Amazon?
        If you are interested in knowing which videos you can get – here is a list for you (I think I have them all):

        1) Widget’s Great Whale Adventure:
        Includes: * Widget’s Great Whale Adventure (Pilot)
        * The Great Brain Robbery

        2) Widget Of The Jungle:
        Includes: * Widget of the Jungle
        * Mega-Slank From Titanium

        3) Great Barrier Theif:
        Includes: * Great Barrier Theif
        * Amazon Adventure

        4) Widget’s Walkabout:
        Includes: * Widget’s Walkabout
        * Intergalactic Garage Sale

        5) Slime Sleuths:
        Includes: * Slime Sleuths
        * Ratchet Hood

        If you would like more info on any of the eps, just ask.

  7. OMG, I’ve been trying to remind my friends about this show for years, and they always think I’m making it up! I’m so glad to finally be able to verify that I didn’t dream this show up.

  8. Someone on youtube has uploaded some episodes, nut yeah you’d be hard pressed to find more. I also remember a cartoon called ‘Timberwood tales’ which was very good.

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