The Magic Riddle

The Magic Riddle is an Australian animated children film, made in 1991. Not many people know about this film. It’s not even out on DVD and I wish it were so I can watch it over and over again like I did as a kid. I’ve seen a lot of Disney movies as a child, but nothing captured me the way the Magic Riddle did. It combines Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, and Red Riding Hood into one story with a little bit of the Three Little Pigs and the Ugly Duckling on the side. We’re all familiar with the fairy tales, but the way Yoram Gross connected them together is brilliant. You might have heard of Yoram Gross for being the creator of Blinky Bill.


The main plot of the story is that there’s a girl named Cindy who lives with her evil stepmother and stepsisters. The boy next door is infatuated with her but the stepmother wants him to marry her large, clumsy blond daughter. The other stepsister is tall and skinny and much nicer to Cindy. The stepmother keeps her busy with house chores. Her father left everything to Cindy in his will, which he hid for Cindy to find. The stepmother thinks if she keeps her busy, she wouldn’t have time to find the will so the stepmother can find it first and destroy it. A riddle is left behind that explains where the will is. If only the stepmother can figure out its meaning.

I love this movie so much but I can’t find it anywhere!

7 thoughts on “The Magic Riddle

  1. I have also had a love of this movie since i was a little girl,my aunty has it on VHS so it is being transferred onto DVD,although it is true it was impossible for my friends to find it anywhere.I have heard though you can buy it on ebay.

  2. I really love this movie so much that I can watch it everyday without getting bored! But i can’t find it any where=(
    If any of you find it will you let me now pls! THANK YOU!

  3. Best movie when I was growing up…and its Aussie!

    You can watch it on YouTube (if its still there!)

    Or ebay sometimes has it, but its expensive 😦

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  5. Did you end up getting a copy? I really want to watch it again 😦 I can’t think of anywhere to download it from? And I don’t have a VHS player any more * sadface *

    • I don’t know where everyone’s from but I live in New Zealand, my copy got messed up so I hopped on, bought a new copy for $30NZ, then literally 3 days later it turns up on for $1…. It only comes in VHS form but there are handy lil things you can buy for about $10 that plug into a VHS and let you transfer onto a computer, where you can then put it on DVD. Sorted!

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