The Aliens Answer Your Questions


Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Joey) and Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock From The Sun had come to chat with us on the world-wide network! Normally we would interview celebrities over the phone, but that is sooo old! Using instant messaging is so much easier (we don’t have to type out everything they say and do, just copy and paste). They’re answering questions from fans. Since you guys asked them so many questions, we could only publish around twenty of the best questions and answers. The Best.


How often do you guys surf the internet?
Joey: I go on-line occasionally.
Kristen: This is my first time here and I love it.

What is it like to work with John Lithgow?
Kristen: He is the funniest, nicest . . . he’s the glue that keeps us all together.
Joey: Suck up, Kristen.

Can you guys abduct me? My mum says she was abducted by aliens and I want to see what it’s like.
Joey: We have to kill your mum now!
Kristen: What’s your address?

To research your roles, were you abducted by aliens?
Joey: Yeah, we just gave them a call and said, “Come and abduct us.”

Are Aliens responsible for Mad Cow Disease?
Kristen: Oh my God!
Joey: We’ve been caught!

How does Joey feel being the only teenager on the show?
Joey: I’m actually 75!

Joseph, were you ever a kid on your home planet?
Joey: Yes. When Tommy was just a little gasball, earth wasn’t formed yet. The sun was just a little twinkling star.

Joey, do you like getting fan mail? Because I have tried sending some to you, but I never got a reply.
Kristen: Joey can’t read or write!

Kristen, will you marry me? I’m from planet X34VBG and I like to ride mountains bikes.
Kristen: I didn’t know they had mountain bikes in X34VBG!
Joey: I’ll marry you!

Was it hard for you all to learn Spanish for an episode where you all spoke Spanish? You were fantastic!
Joey: Si.
Kristen: Gracias.

This is pretty much the best of the worst interviews I have ever read. What a waste of time. The only thing I have learnt from this Q&A, is that these two work a lot of hours and like the show. Luckily, back in 1997, I was able to ask a few question.

Me: How did you two get the part of Tommy and Sally?
Kristen: We scared the other actors away.
Joey: We vaporized them with our space guns. Peow Peow!

Me: What do you guys like to eat?
Joey: Everything!
Kristen: Goop.

Me: What do you do when you’re not working?
Joey: Sleep.
Kristen: I’m always working.

Thank you for the great chat everyone!

Source: TV-Hits 1997 June, 106

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