Internet is for the Rich/Websites from the 90s

Before I begin, I have to apologize for not updating in what feels like ten years.

I was going through the old magazine shelf at a charity store and came across a 90s magazine. Score! It tells me what websites are running in the year 1997 in categories such as history, fashion, celebrity, etc. There happens to be a sealed ‘sex’ section but unfortunately the former owner tore it out of the magazine. What was the point of that? Lemme see the porno sites from the late 90s jerk!… I’m just kidding.

Not many households owned the internet, let alone broadband internet. I think we were lucky enough just to have dial up. An Australian internet company called Telstra Bigpond offered a “Power Plan” which provided 30 hours of internet access for $50 (AU). Additional hours were charged at $3.50. . I spend around 5 hours a day online which means I would have had to pay $470 a month.

Since this blog focuses so much on pop culture, it is only appropriate that I start off with the celebrity websites. As I go through these, I must warn you, the web addresses are ludicrous. If you are able to memorize and recite these back, dare I say you sound like a geek?

1. Cheech & Chong’s homepage: – I do not know who they are and it doesn’t look like I will anytime soon because this site no longer exists.

2. Gillian Anerson: – This is what I was talking about, and yes it’s no longer online. This is too bad as the magazine gives the site a high rating; “Gorgeous design with enough info to fill your hard drive”.

3. Madonna on Letterman: – What a coincidence, Madonna was JUST on Letterman! “This site stands out because it gives you an everlasting celebrity moment in time: the night Madonna caused a fracas on the David Letterman show; she swore, she was toting a cigar, she talked about athlete’s foot and the host lost it. This is the kind of behaviour that separates the celeb wheat from the B-list chaff“. Damn. Is there a video of that on youtube or something?

4. Tarantino World: – Finally! A site that still exist… oh wait. I spoke too soon. This address name has been taken over from a real estate company in Texas called Tarantino. WTH. At least you get to see what the site used to look like:


tarantino2 tarantino3

5. Tim Allen: – A 2 comes after ‘www’? I don’t remember seeing that before. This site was created by the fans of Home Improvement. Where did you guys go? Where have you moved to? This site even gave everyone his email address: I tried emailing him and of course it didn’t work. still works, and judging from the design, it looks like it has not been updated since the 90s. Go check it out.

This is getting depressing isn’t it? Well, I thought I’d give one more site a try…

6. Timothy Leary: – Hallelujah! It works! And it hasn’t been taken over by another business of some sort. Not much is happening …

I did not scan the look of Leary’s site but I promise I’ll do that and upload it by next week at the latest because you must see how it used to look. It is mesmerizing, literally.

If any of you readers happen to run these web sites or web pages, let me know. Are you still running a site? Have you moved it somewhere better?

Source: The Australian netDirectory, Issue 3 Summer 1997

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