If he says he’s Santa then he is!

Oops. Forgot to update yesterday. I was out all day. So this is technically the 6th day of Christmas post.

Beverly Hills 90210 – Walsh Family Christmas

Brenda Walsh is working in a boutique. It is a Walsh’s tradition that they wait two days before Christmas to buy their tree, that way they get the freshest tree. Due to Los Angeles heat, all the trees are dead or wilted. Brandon resorts to spray paint it green.

Steve is looking for his birth mother, but let’s not get too into that otherwise you’ll be here all day!

Nat serves free dinners at the Peach Pit on Christmas. What a great man. An old homeless man comes in early and leaves dressed as Santa Claus. He enters Brenda’s boutique but is quckly kicked out by her boss.

Kelly’s Christmas dinner is ruined because her mother and David Silver’s dad had an argument about him spending the day with his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Santa is having a bit of trouble with the police so Brenda saves him and takes him home for dinner. Brenda’s exclamation to her parents? “My instincts tell me that he’s harmless.” Well with your history and everything with instincts, that makes us feel a whole lot better.

The weird thing about this is that the homeless guy is also seen as a Pilot back where Steve is. Is Beverly Hills going supernatural on us? Oh my god . . . maybe he is Santa!

Everyone turns up for the Walsh’s Christmas eve dinner. Even David and his father. Steve is still not there.

Santa delivers gifts to the girls and they’re from Tiffany’s. This freaks the parents out. Mrs. Walsh thinks he stole her engagement ring. She’s about to call the police on his ass but Mr. Walsh pulls it out of his pocket. It has been altered and is now worth a lot more. What a great gift idea.

Donna’s birthday is on Christmas Eve! That sucks.

The episode ends with everybody singing Christmas Carols to Mr. Walsh’s fantastic keyboard playing skills. Everything is all happy and jolly and what the hell, Ho Ho Ho!

No drama. No cliffhangers. Leaves you in a very good Christmas Spirit. I hope you enjoyed my recap of a one hour long episode.

Happy Holidays Everbody

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