The Best Christmas Ever

That 70s Show is my other favourite sitcom of all time. It came out in 1998 but is set in the 70s, duh!

Eric Foreman is throwing a Christmas party and he needs cash. Red Foreman hands him forty dollars to buy a Christmas tree; whatever he doesn’t spend he can keep for himself. Eric hates haggling. Kitty wants to make punch for his party. “You can’t have a party without punch! That’s just insanity!”

Red is working for Bob at his electrical appliance store. Bob wants him to work on Christmas Eve but apparently nobody works on Christmas Eve. I know A LOT of people working on Christmas Eve now.

Eric, Kelso, and Hyde steal a Christmas tree off the side of the road so they can spend the forty dollars on beer. I love the scene when Kitty runs out saying “oh it’s so fresh!” and a bird flies out!

Hyde has a thing for Donna, even though everybody knows Donna and Eric have a thing for each other. Hyde wants to buy a gift for her . . . with six dollars.

Laurie spikes Mrs. Foreman’s punch. Jackie and her blonde girlfriends drinks it and fall all over Fez.

Kelso thought that they were NOT exchanging gifts this year. Hello, it’s Christmas! What’s Christmas without gifts? So Kelso runs out on Christmas Eve looking for a gift. Bob’s store is the only one open and Red is the only one working. The place is dead! All I know about shopping on Christmas Eve is that it’s a huge rush and it’s so hard to find parking.

Two state trooper officers come to confiscate the tree as it is public property. Here’s who got one this Christmas.

Jackie: Hot Rollers with steam from Kelso.
Donna: An framed old photograph of her and Hyde in the fifth grade from Hyde. Hot Shoulders perfume from Eric.
Eric: I.D. bracelet with his name on it from Donna.
Hyde: Tube socks from Donna.
Fez: Drunk blondes.

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