Wedding Fashion Ideas

I was at the thrift store again and I found a bridal magazine from 1994. I thought I should share some of my favourites online. The lasy at the counter thought I was getting married. Um, I’m too young to be anybody’s wife!

If you’re a fashion designer, or you’re looking for wedding dress ideas for your upcoming ceremony, then you might find this post helpful. If you’re just here for the 90s goodness, I assume you’ll be cringing and/or laughing at some of these designs.

The first 90s dress on todays tour has the tight pencil skirt that resembles a mermaids tail, and ruffles. Yes, ruffles. There also seems to be a long ruffled train attacked to the back of the waist.

I included this dress because it obviously took inspiration from the medieval times. This dress shouts PRINCESS and CASTLE. The sleeves remind me of Cameron Diaz’s wedding dress from My Best Friend’s Wedding (which I love by the way). The only part of the dress that ruins it for me are the roses placed in the groin region.

Oh boy. They say in big font that it’s an inspired 60s gown. Please tell me they’re joking.

‘Honey, those flowers you’re holding look more beautiful than you.”

You know you’re a 90s child when all your drawings of girls in formal gowns all look identical to this! Okay, maybe not identical. I never put that much volume into the skirt; it makes your character look short or has a big ass. Luckily, this model is tall so it makes her look like a amazon.

I’m going to end this wedding dress tour with a groom’s suit. I wanted something that screamed 90s. It has to be memorable. It has to be … beautiful.

Okay, are you ready? Are you ready for it?

Are you sure? Okay.


What did I tell ya? Did I do my job right?

For those getting married, I DARE you to make your fiance wear this. I dare you.

Oh, and if you do, I’d like some photos please. No joke.


PHOTOS: Studio for Brides Magazine 1994

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