Smells Like Grunge Spirit

When people think of the greatest album ever released in the 90s, most people picture this:

Even I picture it. It’s not because it’s my favorite 90s album, it’s because I read about it everywhere. I love Nirvana, I do. As much I would love to conform, I can’t lie. My favorite Nirvana song is actually underated Dumb which can’t be found on this album. “I think I’m dumb, I think I’m dumb…” sounds like he’s in a trance. He sounds like he just took a downer and gosh, it’s sexy. Am I weird for thinking that?

I remember why it’s the greatest 90s album now– it started the grunge movement and helped revolutionise mainstream rock music. How could I forget that? The album peaked at number 1 on the billboard charts on the 11th January, 1992 replacing Michael Jackson’s Dangerous. Of all artist that could replace Michael Jackson’s number one spot, I’m glad it was Nirvana and not some rediculous girl-band. The album was released on September 24, 1991. It stayed on the charts for 252 weeks!

My favourite songs off Nevermind are Come As You Are, On a Plain and definitely Something in the Way. Normally I would say Smells Like Teen Spirit but it’s just a typical answer and . . . I’m tired of listening to that song. I guess that’s my own fault for repeating the track.

I was listening to the album in the car (yesI still listen to CDs, what’s MP3 mean?) and it put a frown on my face the entire time I was driving. I wasn’t pissed nor was there a dog territorial pissing on my car wheel. It put me in a frowning mood. I personally like bopping to music whilst driving. I do recommend popping this album on when you’re in a lounge act manner. I didn’t take any type of illegal drugs, but when you’re lazing around to this album, you’ll feel like you did. If you just had a hard time at work, college, or school and all you want to do is the opposite of thinking, this is a must.

Honestly, you don’t need  many words to describe how amazing this album is. I didn’t have to write all this! This is what I should have just written:

My friend and I lying on her bedroom floor with Nevermind blasting in the background.

Friend: Hey . . . this song’s cool.
Me: Yeah . . .


Coming up from Behind by Marcy Playground sounds really similar to Come As You Are.


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