I will right wrong and triumph over evil!

My favourite television program that I became obsessed with from age 5-12 was Sailor Moon. She’s the girl who throws her tiara like a frisbee and can transform into any occupation. She is also known as Meatball head for her hairstyle and sometimes, Goofball.

The sailor scouts are warriors destined to save their own planet. Sailor Moon must protect earth. Life on the moon was serene until it was attacked by the Negaverse. The queen sends the moon princess and guardians to be reborn on earth in the future. Serena discovers her secret identity of Sailor Moon when she finds a cat named Luna. The scouts were influenced by Roman Gods. For example; Jupiter is the god of thunder. Click HERE for more details.

The Sailor Scouts in order of appearance:

Sailor Moon (Serena): Serena is a clumsy and lazy. She loves crushing over cute boys such as Andrew and Tuxedo Mask rather than the responsibility of saving the universe. She was my favourite when I first saw the series. Now I find her annoying. She got to be the special one that takes longer to transform than the rest of the scouts combined.
Attack: Tiara as a frisbee.


Sailor Mercury (Amy): Amy appears during a computer class. She’s brainy, kind, organized and really sweet. Does anybody like Amy the best? Amy gets a special pocket computer because she’s technologically advanced.
Attack: Bubbles.

Sailor Mars (Raye): Raye is introduced when Serena and Amy want to go to the temple for lucky charms. Raye works at the temple. She is a hot head and gets easily irritated by Serena’s immaturity. They rarely get along.
Attack: Fire.

Sailor Jupiter (Lita): Lita is a tomboy who has a lot of similarities to Sailor Moon. She’s tough, lazy, hates studying but she’s an incredible cook. She’s my favourite Sailor Scout. My cousin even bought a Sailor Jupiter key ring and I still use it. She entered as the new kid at school whom was afraid of by classmates due to rumours.
Attack: Thunder and lightning.

Sailor Venus (Mina): Unlike the other scouts, Mina already knew her alter ego and has her own guardian/adviser cat. There isn’t really anything special about Mina. She’s the most boring normal one.
Attack: Crescent beam.

There are more Sailor Scouts but in my opinion these are the most important ones. I honestly don’t give a crack about the other ones simply because I never saw any of the later episodes. They never aired the later seasons on the children’s network.


Luna and Artemus: Luna is the four first Sailor Scouts’ adviser. Artemus is introduced when Sailor Venus makes her first appearance.

Darien: Also known as Tuxedo Mask. He goes out with Raye in the beginning as they enjoy annoying Serena. I think everyone knew Darien was Tuxedo Mask from the get-go. After the scouts find out Darien is tuxedo mask and Serena is the Moon Princess, they realized they were destined to be together.

I loved Sailor Moon so much that I own the collector’s cards and many, many posters. All in french because I got them off my cousin who lives in France. She’s also the one who gave me the Tamagotchi. I was so obsessed that I created my own version and I, Me, was the star.

I drew these when I was 9. I was called Sailor Star and the first one is my pose and the second is my attack.

I am Sailor Star! I have an awkward yet awesome stance!

The magical rays of light are deadly!

I had a thing for POWERS. Power Rangers. Captain Planet. I loved them all. I had the perception that I had super powers but I haven’t discovered it yet. After watching a tv drama about a girl who could fly, I jumped off the edge of a baby’s crib over my bed because I thought if I really believed it, I really could fly.

I got older and finally accepted that there’s no such thing as super powers. I could never throw thunder bolts or blast fire balls. So I created another Sailor Scouts, except Sailor Star isn’t me. Her name was Salina. It was my favourite name and I wanted to be called Salina when I was 6. I chose it not knowing Sailor Moon’s real name was Serena. I always thought her name was just Sailor Moon until I was 9.

I decided to draw a comic book of my Sailor Scouts when I was 11. I skipped episode #1 because that’s always about the girls discovering who they are and I thought that was boring.

The first page.

Click the image to read what’s going on but it’s basically the girls practising gymnastics. Salina is naturally talented and Stacey is the whiny bitch. Something wrong happens and the girls must save the gym and all gymnast!

That’s all you guys. I apologize for the incredibly long post. I had a ton of fun writing this! Did you guys have an obession with Sailor Moon?


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