Richard Scarry is my Inspiration

I didn’t know Richard Scarry was a person. I was a huge fan of The Busy World of Richard Scarry. I always thought that was a weird title for a tv show. It was educational and entertaining at the same time. I loved it when they focused on a family in another country, like Italy. The animation was very detailed as well, something I believe is missing from digital animations.

I seem to have forgotten than Richard Scarry wrote and illustrated Best Word Book Ever. That’s the actual name. I have the original copy! With stereotypes and missing pages from the new editions!

I said I was going to upload this the day after I wrote this post. I am 3+ years late. 23/02/14

I said I was going to upload this the day after I wrote this post. I am 3+ years late. 23/02/14

But yes I used to flick through the book all the time. Sometimes even copying a picture of the flowers.

I learnt . . .

  1. Different types of flowers
  2. How to mix colours
  3. Different types of toys and games from the 60s.
  4. That playing dentist looks like fun
  5. That grocery shopping in cartoon form looks more fun than real life grocery shopping
  6. Everything is more innocent and fun if everybody was an animal.

I want to be an illustrator so bad.

When I was flicking through the pages, I wanted to cry because I felt like I was seven. It’s really peaceful to just stare at hundreds of images on a page.

As requested by Sisela:



3 thoughts on “Richard Scarry is my Inspiration

  1. hi, i have a favor to ask–if you’re still around and are amenable. when i was a kid i had the best word book ever. my mom threw it away though. anyway, i have this desperate, desperate yearning to see just one specific page of that book. i tried the library and the bookstore, but they only have the edited-down version of the book, and the page i want to see was taken out. it’s the page with different kinds of houses on it. like, i think there was a pagoda, and a mid-century modern frank lloyd wright kind of house. i am just dying to see that page. is there any way you can scan it and email it to me or post it or something? if not, i understand. thank you.

      • amazing, amazing, amazing. it’s so cool to look at this stuff again. i think the houses were my favorite section. i really appreciate this. i think i’m gonna print a couple of these little houses out and put them on my wall. it’s weird how the houses look both exactly the same and very different from what i remembered. THANK YOU AGAIN.

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