The Wonderful World of Stickers!


I was cleaning out my cupboards and found something that reminded me of the latter half of my childhood: sticker books. This happened during the end of the 90s. I don’t know why, but collecting stickers was the new cool thing with the kids at school.

It didn’t matter what kind of sticker it was (okay, nobody would collect labels or anything but you know what I meant). If it was a sticker and resembled a cartoon, it would go into the sticker book.



Step One: Collect them all!

Suddenly, the kids discovered a Korean store that sold Korean stickers called Lovely White and others. Those stickers put our western ones to shame! I wanted to own as many of those as possible. I mean look at them, aren’t they pretty? My goal at the time was to fill up my sticker books and hand it to my child/grandchild when I die.


Lovely White was ranked no. 1 in the sticker collecting world.

After elementary school, I stopped collecting stickers. It seemed everyone was over it, so I left my stickerbooks to gather dust for all these years.

Now I stare at these stickers wondering, why didn’t I use them? What am I going to do with them now?

Instead of having fun and sticking these into the activity book, I decided to keep them. Oh me. So greedy.


We are supposed to be stuck on a wild west background, dummy!

So now, whenever I get the chance, I will use them. Apparently people still collect stickers. There’s even a whole blog dedicated to sticker collecting. You can enter a competition to win more stickers!!!!111

No! I will not get sucked in again.

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