Welcome to the Bachelor Pad of Angry Beavers

One of the few nickolodeon shows that I watched in the late nighties was The Angry Beavers. The others included Catdog and Hey Arnold. Beyond finally released a range of Nickelodeon classics onto DVD in Australia! When I saw the range placed at the front of the DVD counter, I nearly had a heart attack. I felt like a child being allowed to choose anything in Toys R Us.


I’ve been wanting to watch The Angry Beavers for a while so I purchased it over the other shows; which included, Hey Arnold, Catdog, Aaah!!! Real Monsters, and Rocko’s Modern Life. I recently tweeted how I did not recommend the DVD because the quality was so blurry that it hurt my eyes just watching it. But if you’re a fan that just wants to enjoy the show, then go right ahead. After a couple of episodes, I believe my eyes adjusted to the blurriness because I got over it and just enjoyed the show for what it is.

The Angry Beavers is a show from 1997 that focuses on two beaver brothers being kicked out of their parents’ home to finally live independently; namely, building their own dams. Daggart is the the immature, impulsive, and hyperactive brother. Norbert is the intelligent one.

I am connecting with these characters more than I ever did as a child, and as a result I am having a much better experience watching the show. This is because they’re acting like grown-ups. Living on their own, making their own rules, going on holidays on their own, having responsibilities; these are everything that an adult faces.

My favourite episode (and the one that I always remembered when I thought of Angry Beavers) is ‘Box Tops Beavers’. The brothers purchase a crazy amount of cereal. Daggart’s purpose is to rip into all of them and get the small prize at the bottom of the box. Norbert’s purpose is to cut off the coupons off every box after eating the cereal. Then he collects all the coupons until he has enough to purchase the large prize.


I remember collecting cereal coupons and getting, funnily enough, the Rugrats school bag, watch, and water bottle! I didn’t get much as a kid, so I would do anything to win prizes from cereal! I loved the episode because it’s a matter of choice, displays the differences in these two characters, and of course because I could connect with it as a child. Be patient and get the better prize.

As an adult I am laughing more, I am relating to the characters more, and I am enjoying it more than ever before. This show is amazing and definitely stands the test of time.


Richard Scarry is my Inspiration

I didn’t know Richard Scarry was a person. I was a huge fan of The Busy World of Richard Scarry. I always thought that was a weird title for a tv show. It was educational and entertaining at the same time. I loved it when they focused on a family in another country, like Italy. The animation was very detailed as well, something I believe is missing from digital animations.

I seem to have forgotten than Richard Scarry wrote and illustrated Best Word Book Ever. That’s the actual name. I have the original copy! With stereotypes and missing pages from the new editions!

I said I was going to upload this the day after I wrote this post. I am 3+ years late. 23/02/14

I said I was going to upload this the day after I wrote this post. I am 3+ years late. 23/02/14

But yes I used to flick through the book all the time. Sometimes even copying a picture of the flowers.

I learnt . . .

  1. Different types of flowers
  2. How to mix colours
  3. Different types of toys and games from the 60s.
  4. That playing dentist looks like fun
  5. That grocery shopping in cartoon form looks more fun than real life grocery shopping
  6. Everything is more innocent and fun if everybody was an animal.

I want to be an illustrator so bad.

When I was flicking through the pages, I wanted to cry because I felt like I was seven. It’s really peaceful to just stare at hundreds of images on a page.

As requested by Sisela:



I will right wrong and triumph over evil!

My favourite television program that I became obsessed with from age 5-12 was Sailor Moon. She’s the girl who throws her tiara like a frisbee and can transform into any occupation. She is also known as Meatball head for her hairstyle and sometimes, Goofball.

The sailor scouts are warriors destined to save their own planet. Sailor Moon must protect earth. Life on the moon was serene until it was attacked by the Negaverse. The queen sends the moon princess and guardians to be reborn on earth in the future. Serena discovers her secret identity of Sailor Moon when she finds a cat named Luna. The scouts were influenced by Roman Gods. For example; Jupiter is the god of thunder. Click HERE for more details.

The Sailor Scouts in order of appearance:

Sailor Moon (Serena): Serena is a clumsy and lazy. She loves crushing over cute boys such as Andrew and Tuxedo Mask rather than the responsibility of saving the universe. She was my favourite when I first saw the series. Now I find her annoying. She got to be the special one that takes longer to transform than the rest of the scouts combined.
Attack: Tiara as a frisbee.


Sailor Mercury (Amy): Amy appears during a computer class. She’s brainy, kind, organized and really sweet. Does anybody like Amy the best? Amy gets a special pocket computer because she’s technologically advanced.
Attack: Bubbles.

Sailor Mars (Raye): Raye is introduced when Serena and Amy want to go to the temple for lucky charms. Raye works at the temple. She is a hot head and gets easily irritated by Serena’s immaturity. They rarely get along.
Attack: Fire.

Sailor Jupiter (Lita): Lita is a tomboy who has a lot of similarities to Sailor Moon. She’s tough, lazy, hates studying but she’s an incredible cook. She’s my favourite Sailor Scout. My cousin even bought a Sailor Jupiter key ring and I still use it. She entered as the new kid at school whom was afraid of by classmates due to rumours.
Attack: Thunder and lightning.

Sailor Venus (Mina): Unlike the other scouts, Mina already knew her alter ego and has her own guardian/adviser cat. There isn’t really anything special about Mina. She’s the most boring normal one.
Attack: Crescent beam.

There are more Sailor Scouts but in my opinion these are the most important ones. I honestly don’t give a crack about the other ones simply because I never saw any of the later episodes. They never aired the later seasons on the children’s network.


Luna and Artemus: Luna is the four first Sailor Scouts’ adviser. Artemus is introduced when Sailor Venus makes her first appearance.

Darien: Also known as Tuxedo Mask. He goes out with Raye in the beginning as they enjoy annoying Serena. I think everyone knew Darien was Tuxedo Mask from the get-go. After the scouts find out Darien is tuxedo mask and Serena is the Moon Princess, they realized they were destined to be together.

I loved Sailor Moon so much that I own the collector’s cards and many, many posters. All in french because I got them off my cousin who lives in France. She’s also the one who gave me the Tamagotchi. I was so obsessed that I created my own version and I, Me, was the star.

I drew these when I was 9. I was called Sailor Star and the first one is my pose and the second is my attack.

I am Sailor Star! I have an awkward yet awesome stance!

The magical rays of light are deadly!

I had a thing for POWERS. Power Rangers. Captain Planet. I loved them all. I had the perception that I had super powers but I haven’t discovered it yet. After watching a tv drama about a girl who could fly, I jumped off the edge of a baby’s crib over my bed because I thought if I really believed it, I really could fly.

I got older and finally accepted that there’s no such thing as super powers. I could never throw thunder bolts or blast fire balls. So I created another Sailor Scouts, except Sailor Star isn’t me. Her name was Salina. It was my favourite name and I wanted to be called Salina when I was 6. I chose it not knowing Sailor Moon’s real name was Serena. I always thought her name was just Sailor Moon until I was 9.

I decided to draw a comic book of my Sailor Scouts when I was 11. I skipped episode #1 because that’s always about the girls discovering who they are and I thought that was boring.

The first page.

Click the image to read what’s going on but it’s basically the girls practising gymnastics. Salina is naturally talented and Stacey is the whiny bitch. Something wrong happens and the girls must save the gym and all gymnast!

That’s all you guys. I apologize for the incredibly long post. I had a ton of fun writing this! Did you guys have an obession with Sailor Moon?

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Before there was Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc. , there was Nickelodean’s Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from 1994. No matter how many times I type it, I don’t think I will ever remember how to spell Nickelodean off by heart. Actually I’ve never been a very good speller so thankfully I wasn’t forced to participate in spelling bees and– hold on. I’m getting off track.

So yeah . . . Can you believe that this is the actual title of the show? I can’t settle on whether it’s the most simplest or creative title ever for a cartoon. The opening and ending credits of the show is just like the Rugrats but the animation style is more Wild Thornberrys; also created in the 90s. What’s the difference between Rugrats-The Wild Thorberrys and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (ARM)? The other two got a movie. TWT did not deserve a movie! It wasn’t such a great television program to begin with. At least ARM got their own video game, which I have played. It’s not easy.

The show centers around three best friends; Oblina, Ickis (got that from Icky, I guess), and Krumm. Oblina looks like a candy cane, Ickis looks like a rabit, and Krumm looks like a tubby man without a head and other . . . missing . . . parts . . . The kids go to Monster School where their life’s mission is to scare the living crap out of human beings. The school is lead by The Gromble. This green monster is flamboyant, strict, crazy, wears red heels on each of his feet, and is so entertaining to watch.

Take notes guys. The Gromble is crazy but wise.

The standout episode of the show has to be when Krumble gets a giant pimple on top where his neck should be. The students are mezmerized by its ugliness which is fantastic in monster mind. This is no ordinary pimple, it grows a face and disgusting personality. I couldn’t stand it. As a child it was such a creepy episode to watch to have a ugly living lump on your face! Instead of shrinking back into the skin, the pimple pulls its legs out of Krumble and runs off. Shivers! That thing deserved to be popped!

Now that's a pimple!

I must say that ARM is probably Nickelodean’s most underated and forgotten series. I’m older now, but after rewatching the episodes, it can still be enjoyed by older people. I’ve been trying to watch the Might Morphin’ Power Rangers and may I stress on the work ‘trying’. It shocks me sometimes at how much I loved it as a kid.

So Nickelodean . . . where’s my DVD?

Holiday Island

Depth Takes A Holiday

Londale Mall is celebrating Christmas in August! Daria is stopped by cupid (Valentines Day) and leprecaun (St Patrick’s Day) who are on a secret mission. Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day have left Holiday Island to Londale to start a band, of all places.

Daria returns home where her parents are already arguing. Cubid and leprecaun want the parents to shut it so Daria can help them. Cubid shoots them with a razer looking arrow shooters (I see Holiday Island is up to date with their technology) and the parents are blissfully horny for each other.

Leprecaun doesn’t want Quinn to know about them, mainly because there is no way he wants to talk to that “twit”. They haven’t met, and already they don’t get along. “God Daria, even your imaginary friends are embarassing”. Haha… lowl…

Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day comes over to jam at Trent’s house. Christmas is a cute blonde teenager. Halloween is a gothic chick and Gyfox is a punk metal guy. Neither of them want to return to Holiday Island because who would want to be jolly twenty four hours a day?

Quinn thinks her parents are trying to have a baby because she catches them making out and making happy noises in their bedrooms. She must stop them, even if she doesn’t get any sleep.

Life has come to a halt without the most celebrated Holidays. Daria and Jane visit Holiday Island. All the Holidays are high school students! Daria and Jane decide to help get Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day to return to Holiday Island once they find out Presidents’ Days are ruling the school. Patriotic? Pa-leez.

The holiday day band are offered a gig at H. I. High School prom. When they find out who the new leaders of the school are, they quickly take over.

Okay, this wasn’t such a Christmasy episode, but I don’t really care at this point. I’m too tired.

Leprecaun: You see Daria, you really had a wonderful life.

Daria: What the hell are you talking about?

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Happy Baboon Holidays

This Christmas special in less than ten minutes long and comes from one of the craziest cartoons I have ever seen in my life. I’m not sure many people have heard of ‘Cow and Chicken’ but I sure enjoyed the episodes that aired in my time.

This episode doesn’t have Cow or Chicken but is based on the secondary characters (like a completely different show) I.M. Weasel and Baboon.

It opens with Baboon cleaning the dishes and is rudely interupted by loud slams on the door. His family have come to visit him for Christmas which he totally forgets. How can anybody forget about Christmas? He leaves his family standing at the front door of his caravan to quickly grab a Christmas tree. His family just stand and wait at the door for hours that they turn into ice blocks in the cold weather. Somebody give these baboons a brain.

I. M. Weasel finds them and quickly takes them into his luxurious apartment to defrost. Soon the baboons and Weasel become like family as they decorate and sing Christmas carols together.

Baboon returns with the a Christmas tree that is way too big for his caravan but he jams the thing in anyway.

He turns angry at the sight of Weasel and his family having a fun time together. Weasel has stolen his family! He goes on a rampage and destroys everything Christmas related.

Of course after the anger goes away, you just become sad, as Weasel does as he cries alone. Weasel becomes Santa to save the Christmas spirit inside Baboon by revealing singing baboons. Wait a minute– that’s his family! Everybody is soo happy because they have finally been reunited! Baboon, if you didn’t forget Christmas in the first place, none of this would have happened. Everything is all well.

In a very strange and out there way, this episode shows the true meaning of Christmas; a joyful and loving occation to be spent with your family and friends! Awww…

Happy Holidays Everybody!

The Magic Riddle

The Magic Riddle is an Australian animated children film, made in 1991. Not many people know about this film. It’s not even out on DVD and I wish it were so I can watch it over and over again like I did as a kid. I’ve seen a lot of Disney movies as a child, but nothing captured me the way the Magic Riddle did. It combines Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, and Red Riding Hood into one story with a little bit of the Three Little Pigs and the Ugly Duckling on the side. We’re all familiar with the fairy tales, but the way Yoram Gross connected them together is brilliant. You might have heard of Yoram Gross for being the creator of Blinky Bill.


The main plot of the story is that there’s a girl named Cindy who lives with her evil stepmother and stepsisters. The boy next door is infatuated with her but the stepmother wants him to marry her large, clumsy blond daughter. The other stepsister is tall and skinny and much nicer to Cindy. The stepmother keeps her busy with house chores. Her father left everything to Cindy in his will, which he hid for Cindy to find. The stepmother thinks if she keeps her busy, she wouldn’t have time to find the will so the stepmother can find it first and destroy it. A riddle is left behind that explains where the will is. If only the stepmother can figure out its meaning.

I love this movie so much but I can’t find it anywhere!