Happy 3rd Anniversary!

I can’t believe I started this blog 3 years ago. I remember for the first two years I updated this blog very often. Then I had to overkill it by posting 10 post in a row about Christmas. After that my regular updates declined. I think it’s also because I ran out of things to talk about and the excitement of a new blog. It’s actually a huge deal that I haven’t given up on this because you have no idea how many blogs and websites I’ve created and just left them in the corner collecting cyber dust. I created this blog because I did not know any places that was dedicated to the 90s, and gosh how much do I love the 90s. These days, there’s plenty. Just check the side bar for the blogroll!

Here’s a list of my favourite posts:

There are some posts that I dread to read and can’t believe I published them. What was I thinking?

I will continue posting mainly because I enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by!


Nanowrimo #1

Twinkling fairies burst from the mystical tree and flutter to the sparkling pond. The fairies are so small the pond is the size of a lake to them. They float in the air, waiting for the great event to take place. Any moment now, the new princess would arise. Cynthia bit her little fingers in nervousness. It was her first Princess ceremony. A long leaf rolled out and floated above the lake. Trumpets resounded in the air by the fairy guards. The royal family strolled out on the leaf.

The eldest, the grey haired lady, said in her husky voice, “Attention fellow fairies of Maoley, we are about to witness the new born Princess Fairy! She will be the fifth princess of the royal family. We will wait until our new princess is ready to show herself.”

The crowd did not say a word. They were anticipating for the new arrival. When will she appear? They wonder. When? It felt like a lifetime but soon bubbles appeared in the centre of the pond. The fairies sucked in their breaths. More bubbles appeared in the water and soon a large splash took place. The water came falling down onto the crowd. Instead of squealing, they put their hands out and reached out for the water to rain down on them. You were a lucky fairy if the water landed on your nose. It showed a good sign of a relationship between you and the princess.

Whenever it rained in Maoley, all the fairies would live in their tree houses and wait for the rain to stop. It did not take long for the sun to dry up all the rain on the ground. If there was a large puddle lying in front of the royal tree castle, it meant a new princess was about to be born. It was different for princes. When it was time for a new prince, the sun would be shining on Maoley so strongly and scarsely anything could be seen. The source of all light would then lower the baby prince onto the grass. Both were very special occations.

The baby fairy was floating in the middle of the pond. Her eyes were open and she was giggling at the scene. The crowd gasp. She was beautiful! She had bright red hair and sparkling green eyes. Her cheeks were glowing pink. The King and Queen were delighted with their new born child.

It was rude to ever cheer. The eldest picked up the baby and brought the baby to her parents. They smiled as they carried her in their arms. The eldest went down on her knees and bowed. Soon everyone followed. The King, Queen, and new Princess were the center of attention.

“May this princess only have happiness and pleasure times in her hands,” said the Eldest.

Everyone got off their knees and floated in the air again.

“What shall you name her?” asked the Eldest.

The King and Queen looked at one another. The Queen announced, “Lottie.”

“Lottie!” Everyone said. It was a lovely name for a lovely baby.

The other fairy prince and princesses all ran towards the front of the leaf to catch a glimpse of their new sister. Fex, Gillie, Hannah, Mya, and Benster were their names. Benster was the oldest brother.

“May I hold him?” he asked.

“Why of course you can,” said the Queen.

The regular fairies were chatting amongst themselves. The Eldest decided it was time to move on to the next activity.

“Now let’s have our feast!”

The fairies flew into the tree giant, after the royal family of course.

Wild berries, pumkins, and all sorts of unusual plant that could only be found in Maoley was displayed on gold plates and bowls. Maoley fairies were healthy beings.

Hannah, the youngest fairy, asked her oldest brother, “did I ever get a ceremony like Princess Lottie did?”

“Yes,” said Prince Benster. “We all did. After every name calling, we come to the dining hall of our tree castle and have a wonderful feast.”

“The feast is the best part,” said Gillie.

Hannah did not remember her being held by the King and Queen. She could not remember them saying her name for the first time. Why couldn’t she remember? It seemed as if it never happened.

“I don’t believe you,” she said of her siblings.

“It’s true!” Gillie said. Gillie was only one year older than Hannah. Hannah was five years old. “Isn’t it true Mya?”

Mya nodded.

“Then why can’t I remember?” Hannah complained.

“None of us remember. That is because we were too young to remember this,” said Fex. He was six too.

Hannah still had trouble believing this fact. “Are you saying, that mother and father embraced us so closely like they are doing to Lottie right now as if we were the most precious fairies in the world?”

The royal siblings turned their head around to the front of the dining hall to see their parents never taking their eyes off the new born baby.

“Yes,” Benster confirmed. “Once upon a time they did.”

“Do mother and father love us?” Hannah wondered.

“Yes,” Benster said again. “Why do you ask such silly questions?”

“She’s only five,” Fex said. “Would you like some stickiberries, Hannah?” He handed her a small wooden bowl in stickiberries.

He knew they were her favourite. She reached out for them and ate them very quickly.

“Are you excited to have a baby sister?” Mya asked. She was eight years old.

Hannah wasn’t sure. She never had someone in the family younger than her before. It was a nice feeling to know she wasn’t the youngest anymore, but was that a good or bad thing?

“She asked you if you are excited to have a baby sister,” Gillie said.

Hannah looked up and nodded slowly.

“I think one little sister is enough for me,” Gillie honestly said. “I like you Hannah, but sometimes you really get on my nerves. I don’t know how I will handle two little sisters.”

“Do not worry Gillie,” said Mya. “It’s easy.

“That’s because you’re the nicest sister in the world,” said Gillie.

Hannah agreed in unison. She looked around the dining room. The fairies were eating away at the fresh fruit. All the fruit was picked an hour before the feast began. “It had to be very, very fresh, just like the new born fairy baby.

“Will Princess Lottie have her own bedroom?” she asked.

“Not yet,” said Benster. “She’s too young. She needs the care of mother and father. When she is as old as you are and able to take care of herself, she can have her own room.”

Hannah looked back at her parents. They were always busy. Looking after the fairies of Maoley was hard work. It took a lot of their time.

A new fairy band called Flutter Thy Wings set up their equipment on stage. The royal siblings clapped their hands in excitement. Benster did not clap. He was too old. He looked around for Titi, his special fairy friend. Titi saw him and they shared a smile. Flutter Thy Wings began to play a hippity Hoppety tune. It was time for the royal family to dance.

Benster, Mya, Fex, Gillie, and Hannah flew off their golden chairs and onto the dance floor. They held their hands together and danced to the song by the new band. The King and Queen put down their new child for the first time and joined the rest of the family. Benster, Mya, Fex, Gillie, and Hannah made room for their parents to hold hands with them. The crowd clapped along as they danced to the wonderous tune.


Hannah waited uncomfortable outside in the private education garden. It was always, always sunny in Maoley. It there was terrible weather something wrong must be happening. They have never seen it happen. Not yet. A fifty year old man walked into the garden and stood in front of Hannah. He was very tall. She had to bend her head completely back to see him. Hannah was cross legged on the green, luscious grass.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I am your teacher,” said the old man. “Good morning Princess Hannah.”

Hannah blinked up at him.

“Now it’s your turn to say good morning back.”

“Good morning back.”

“No!” The old man rubbed his face. “Say it properly.”

“It properly.”

“No!” Her teacher crossed his arms. “You are one of those students aren’t you.”

“What students?” she asked.

“The students that made me decide to stop teaching a class and stick to teaching private classes with no more than two people students in the room. I never figured a princess would do something like this.” The man spat out princess as if she made the word a disgrace.

Hannah giggled. “Good morning Teacher.”

“My name is Doctor Blistenine. You must call me that at all times.”

“Okay. Why are you here Doctor Blistenine? Why am I here Doctor Blistenine? Did my parents tell you to come here Doctor Blistenine? I’m really bored Doctor Blistenine. Can you play a game with me Doctor Blinstenine? Are we going to play a game Doctor Blistenine? Will you–”

“One question at a time!” Doctor Blistenine looked dizzy. “I am here to teach you silly girl.”

“Teach me, Doctor Blistenine?”



“So when you grow up you are able to live independantly. You are able to cast magical spells and reverse them whenever you wish and never make a mistake. Mistake, error, fault, boo-boos are not words fairies like to hear.” He bent down and looked at her straight in the eye. “Some fairies have gone to Dungeon Rock for making boo-boos in Maoley. Do you want to be one of those fairies?”

Hannah gulped and shook her head.

Doctor Blistenine paused for a second, thinking. Hannah waited patiently. What was he doing?

“What was your next question?” he wondered.

“I said did my parents bring your here.”

“Yes they did. What were the others?”

“Um, ‘can we play a game’, ‘are we going to play a game’.”

“No! No games shall ever be played when I am here. Games can cause boo-boos. Do you understand?”

Hannah nodded.

“Well done. Now for our first lesson; how to turn an apple into a banana.”

Doctor Blistenine pulled out his silver wand with a glittery, shiny, blue ball at the tip of it, only a centimetre larger in diameter. He pointed it to the ground and smoke burst out from the ground in a mini explotion.

Highschool in the 90s

I love teen dramas, teen comedies, so I decided to write one of my own. This episode it based on the pilot of Beverly Hills 90210.

Starring Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson as the Samson sisters, and more stars of the 90s.

Episode 1 – The Class of the 90s


Christina is sleeping face down on on her pillow. Her Whitney Houston alarm clock belts out:
And I………..e…I…………
Will Always Love…. You….ooeeooo.
Jessica runs into her bedroom and pulls out the plug.
Jessica: Christina wake up! It’s our first day of school and I have nothing to wear.
Christina: Why don’t you go and annoy Britney.
Jessica: She’s already up. I have nothing to wear. (walks out)
Christina: First day of school. Strange City, no house, no friends, I’m psyched. Oh, she’s gone, and yet I’m still talking, to myself.

Christina walks into Jessica’s room in her new clothes. Piles of outfits and shoes were on Jessica’s bed.
Christina: You have nothing to wear?
Jessica: Christina! Everybody looks like they stepped out of Nirvana music video.
Christina: No they don’t. Grunge stopped. Stop carring what other people wear.
Jessica: How do you manage to handle the first day of school as the new kid?
Christina: Easy. I’m beautiful and I am always right.
Jessica: I need the perfect outfit. Nobody knows me. I could be a nobody.

Christina and Jessica were eating breakfast while Bob Samson  was packing their lunch.
Jessica: You don’t have to pack our lunch. We can eat from the cafeteria.
Mr. Samson: No. I can’t have you touching that food.
Britney walks in wearing a red cropped top, blue skirt, with cowboy boots. They all stare at her.
Britney: What?
Jessica: You’re wearing those boots? No way.
Christina: You’re jealous because you think only you can pull them off. She’s right though Britney, You look like you’re about to step on a pile of horse shit. Let’s go dad!
Mr. Samson: Go back and put on a sweater honey.

Britney walked into Science class and wondered where she should shit. The door behind her was shoved

opened and in walked a blonde  guy. Elijah Watts panicked.
Elijah: Um, hi! You can sit here.
Britney: Really?
Elijah: I can’t have him sit here. He’s a sophomore freshman. He steals my answers and then he gives me monster wedgies.
Britney: Ouch. What’s a sophomore freshman?
Elijah: It’s his second time as a ninth grader. (Smiles) I’m Elijah.
Britney: Britney.

Christina and Jessica were walking with their new friend.
Dione: That’s Mr. Swimmer . He’s the hottest teacher in this school and he’s our science teacher.
Jessica: Great. I won’t have trouble flirting with him for good grades.
Dione: Slut, slut, slut, talks to himself.
Christina: Who are they?

Dione: They’re the most popular seniors at school. Don’t look at them. They’re going through some weird crazy shit at the moment.
Jessica: Creepy…

Students were starring at the sky when Britney and Elijah walked down the stairs to the courtyard.
Britney: What are they all starring at?
They both looked. A jet was writing in the sky.
Britney: Potty at 25 Hills avenue.
Elijah: All right, a party. We are both going to be there. Our first party.
Britney: He’s still writing. No . . . fishman?
Elijah: Freshman. Man. (looks up) We’re still going.
Britney: We are?

In Jessica’s bedroom.
Jessica: Let’s tell dad to take us to the party.
Christina: No. He’ll never let us, and when we tell him he’ll be suspicious of everything we do.
Jessica: You’re so smart.
Christina: Yeah, yeah, shut up, I’m thinking. We’ll ask Dione to take us and tell dad we’re going to hang out with our friend. He can’t say no. He wants us to get use to this new place.

Outside the party house behind a bush.
Elijah: This is what we do. We’ll go to the back, climb the fence, jump into a tree, and climb down very slowly. Nobody will be focused on the shade of the tree. It should be pretty dark. It’s the perfect plan.
Jessica and Christina walked in with Dione.
Britney: Jess! Christina! Let’s go Elijah.
Elijah gets pulled inside the backyard.

Christina watched Jessica flirt with some guys. She walked off on her on. A boy  sat on a bench by himself.
Christina: Hi. You look familiar. Do I know you?
Macaulay: You should. This is my party. This is my house!
Christina: I swear I’ve seen you before.
A boy stops by.
Boy1: Dude. You look familiar.
Macaulay: This is my party! This is my house! Doesn’t anyone know me?
Christina: Sure. You’re the host.
Boy1: Welcome to the party host dude.
Macaulay: This is my party!

Elijah and Britney were standing beside the pool. The guy pushed Elijah into the pool.
Sean William Sean: No freshmans!
Everybody laughs.
Britney: Elijah!
Elijah: I’m drowning! Wait, no I’m fine. Help me up.
Britney pulls him out of the pool.

Britney, Elijah, Christina, and Jessica walked out of the party.
Jessica: This is the worst party ever. Nothing happened. It’s like this whole day was an introduction of the Samson sisters. Boring.
Christina: I predict it would only get– Dad!

At home.
Mr. Samson: Sorry kids. For lying you three will be grounded for two weeks.
Jessica: We’re so sorry.
Christina: We betrayed your trust. We just wanted to fit in. You know how hard it is for us as the new kids. We wanted people to like us. We wanted to have friends. (Mouth Quivers)
Mr. Samson: Girls, I want you to have friends, you should have told me the truth.
Jessica: This is will never happen again.
Britney: We love you daddy.
Mr. Samson: My poor girls. Okay, since it’s your first day of school, I’ll let you off this time. I know how tough peer pressure can be.
All: Thanks dad!
They all share a big loving hug.

The End

I decided to finish it with a Fullhouse ending. Hope you enjoyed it.

What Next?

There’s so many thing I want to write about from the 90s but there’s a long wait. Number one, I am very busy with studies. Number two, it’s going to take some time before I get to watch some classic cartoons on DVD. Number three, I want to start the books category so I need to take some time reading one. I can’t wait to get Cow and Chicken. I haven’t seen that since somewhere around 1998.

By the way, can you tell that every post is written by one person?


Don’t you find it annoying when you read one of those terrible websites about celebrities like perezhilton.com, and in the comments section there’s a whole bunch of people who go ‘first!’ ‘first!’ ‘woohoo first! Yeah!’? Who cares if you’re first. What do they do? Refresh the site a couple times a minute to see if a new post has come up so they tell everyone that they’re first? Anyway . . . this is actually my first blog, ever. I think it will be fun to visit my favourite decade; the nineties. I love the sixties too but I’m the one who should be reading about the sixties, not writing about it. This blog is just an introduction so I hope you like what’s coming.