Baby Luck can get you Anywhere

I was surprised to find out that Baby’s Day Out was a bomb at the box office. This was one of those movies that my school teachers decided to repeatedly play on the last day of school before school holidays. It wasn’t a problem as the response of the class was overwhelmingly positive. I bet my teachers grew tired of this movie.

Baby’s Day Out was written by John Hughes who is famous for his 80s brat-pack movies such as The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles. It stars twins Adam Robert & Jacob Joseph Worton as Baby Bink Cotwell. Baby Bink belongs to a rich socialite family in New York. He lives in a mansion and is mostly taken care of by his nanny. He loves to read ‘Baby’s Day Out’ with his nanny.


You dress your baby boy like a girl, Mrs. Cotwell!


Mrs. Cotwell decides to get his photograph taken for the social newspaper and hires a downtown photographer to take it. The photographers turn up in the worst disguises ever. He even ask to be alone with the baby. I don’t think it’s a good judgement call to leave your child with three creeps but Mrs. Cotwell does what she’s told. When she returns her baby has disappeared and a ransom note of 5 million dollars is left behind.


Do you take pictures or play golf?


I find it amusing that the baby doesn’t shed a single tear at the fact that he’s being taken away from familiar surroundings and away from people he recognises. The three dinguses take him to his apartment. Dingus no. 1 falls asleep besides the baby which gives him the chance to escape. Baby Bink enters locations and vehicles that he sees in the book ‘Baby’s Day Out’. The kidnappers chase after him, and in result; many slap-stick sequences ensue.

He takes the bus.

A department store’s care centre.

A ride in a taxi cab.

The Zoo – I really hope this is just a set because if animals are to be caged it must be outdoors with plently of room to roam around!

At a downtown park . . .

. . . And a building construction site.

The slapstick comedy isn’t particularly funny, but it’s entertaining because these guys deserved everything that was coming to them. If you enjoy watching Home Alone, you’ll definitely like this movie. I really hope no one missed out on watching this when they were a child. It’s light. It’s fun. And the baby is the cutest, baby, EVA!


goo goo


gaa gaa

I got weepy at the end when the mother finds her child. I’m beginning to think I’ll cry at any movie about a mother and her baby. I consider this movie to be THE BABY MOVIE. An underated classic of the 90s.

Dinosaurs TV

It’s DINO week! Dinosaurs were so cool in the 90s, and so was the TV show Dinosaurs. It’s a sitcom based on the Sinclair family with Earl and Fran as the parents; Robbie and Charlene as brother and sister; and Baby as . . . the baby.





Unfortunately I don’t remember a single episode. I do remember it making me laugh and that I loved this show. Too bad it didn’t last very long. It aired from 1991 to 1994. This classic isn’t released on DVD in my country. Shame. Anyone else love this show? If you remember an episode you love (unlike me) please share!

I’ll Tell You What I Really Want: I want to know what ‘zigzig-ha’ means.

I hate the Spice Girls.


I’m only going to review their first album. These girls took the world by storm. Their first single “Wannabe” went to number one around the world! it debuted at number eleven on Hot 100, which was the highest debut a non-American artist has made, beating out the Beatles. I find that sad, the Beatles are much better than the Spice Girls. I use to love the Spice Girls. Now they’re back and I can’t stand them anymore. Their songs annoy the hell out of me. I watched them perform for the Victoria’s Secret show. You guys do know that they were miming the whole time right? I didn’t get why they did, it’s not like they were dancing like Britney Spears always does whenever she mimed, they were just strutting around on stage.

According to a poll from TV Hits (Australian teenage magazine) Emma Bunton was the favourite Spice Girl. Her perkiness and cuteness made me a huge fan of hers as well. Not many people liked Victoria (Adams) at all, unlike today. She’s only liked for her husband. I read somewhere that she use to practise her pouts in front of the mirror everyday. I wonder if she still does it. Other than their catchy bubblegum pop tunes, I liked them for their girl power. The same reason why I liked the Powerpuff girls. Oooh! The Powerpuff girls, that was a fun ten minute show. Look at the girls up there, they look like a bunch of superheroes. I’m drawn to movies and television shows where the females kick butt instead of the guys.

Say You’ll be There and 2 Become 1 were the next singles. Out of the three, I would have to say that 2 Become 1 is the best. Unfortunately, the song Mama was never realeased, which is my other favourite song from their first album ‘Spice’. I can understand how much I liked them when I was a kid, but now their songs excluding the two pop ballads, just grate on my nerves. These songs are terrible!

My final words?

“If you can’t dance to this you can’t do nothing for me baby”

That doesn’t make sense at all. That just means, you can do everything for me baby.