Welcome to the Bachelor Pad of Angry Beavers

One of the few nickolodeon shows that I watched in the late nighties was The Angry Beavers. The others included Catdog and Hey Arnold. Beyond finally released a range of Nickelodeon classics onto DVD in Australia! When I saw the range placed at the front of the DVD counter, I nearly had a heart attack. I felt like a child being allowed to choose anything in Toys R Us.


I’ve been wanting to watch The Angry Beavers for a while so I purchased it over the other shows; which included, Hey Arnold, Catdog, Aaah!!! Real Monsters, and Rocko’s Modern Life. I recently tweeted how I did not recommend the DVD because the quality was so blurry that it hurt my eyes just watching it. But if you’re a fan that just wants to enjoy the show, then go right ahead. After a couple of episodes, I believe my eyes adjusted to the blurriness because I got over it and just enjoyed the show for what it is.

The Angry Beavers is a show from 1997 that focuses on two beaver brothers being kicked out of their parents’ home to finally live independently; namely, building their own dams. Daggart is the the immature, impulsive, and hyperactive brother. Norbert is the intelligent one.

I am connecting with these characters more than I ever did as a child, and as a result I am having a much better experience watching the show. This is because they’re acting like grown-ups. Living on their own, making their own rules, going on holidays on their own, having responsibilities; these are everything that an adult faces.

My favourite episode (and the one that I always remembered when I thought of Angry Beavers) is ‘Box Tops Beavers’. The brothers purchase a crazy amount of cereal. Daggart’s purpose is to rip into all of them and get the small prize at the bottom of the box. Norbert’s purpose is to cut off the coupons off every box after eating the cereal. Then he collects all the coupons until he has enough to purchase the large prize.


I remember collecting cereal coupons and getting, funnily enough, the Rugrats school bag, watch, and water bottle! I didn’t get much as a kid, so I would do anything to win prizes from cereal! I loved the episode because it’s a matter of choice, displays the differences in these two characters, and of course because I could connect with it as a child. Be patient and get the better prize.

As an adult I am laughing more, I am relating to the characters more, and I am enjoying it more than ever before. This show is amazing and definitely stands the test of time.


The Little Mermaid vs Sleeping Beauty

The Little Mermaid was released in 1989 and it was the first film to begin the modern classic era of Disney (which I believe stopped with Mulan). I rented this movie from the local video store and at the end I felt as though my heart was being wrenched in my chest. At that time I had never seen such a romantic film. The fact that she had to try and get Prince Eric to fall in love with her when she was unable to speak looked like a lot of effort that it couldn’t be anything but true love!

For ten years I placed The Little Mermaid at the top of the Disney ladder as the greatest Disney animation of all time. I was (am) a sucker for romantic story-lines.

Ten years has passed and I find the story is ridiculous. Prince Eric had to fall for Little Mermaid solely on her superficial looks. In THREE DAYS. He really fell head over hills with the mysterious singing voice. The film seemed to rush ahead more than I remembered.

I guess I have a thing about princesses with beautiful singing voices because the other Disney movie that I fell in love with was Sleeping Beauty. Prince Philip, like Prince Eric was attracted to the mysterious singing voice in the forest. I like how they did not declare their love for one another during the dancing and singing scene as another film may have suggested. Nevertheless, they were very attracted to one another and there was definite chemistry between the two, at least as much chemistry as two drawn humans could be without it being too cheesy.

That is why I am comparing the two. I treasured both films as a child but as a adult I believe Sleeping Beauty wins for its music, artistic detail, innovative sound production, and characters.


Ariel is naive, immature and impulsive while Princess Aurora at the same age is elegant, classy, and graceful.


Let’s face it. When compared to Maleficent, Ursala is like Santa Claus. She’s evil but she isn’t as scary as wicked Maleficent who still chills me to the bone.


They’re both amazing. It’s a tie.

But I prefer Prince Phillip. Shhh.

Holiday Island

Depth Takes A Holiday

Londale Mall is celebrating Christmas in August! Daria is stopped by cupid (Valentines Day) and leprecaun (St Patrick’s Day) who are on a secret mission. Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day have left Holiday Island to Londale to start a band, of all places.

Daria returns home where her parents are already arguing. Cubid and leprecaun want the parents to shut it so Daria can help them. Cubid shoots them with a razer looking arrow shooters (I see Holiday Island is up to date with their technology) and the parents are blissfully horny for each other.

Leprecaun doesn’t want Quinn to know about them, mainly because there is no way he wants to talk to that “twit”. They haven’t met, and already they don’t get along. “God Daria, even your imaginary friends are embarassing”. Haha… lowl…

Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day comes over to jam at Trent’s house. Christmas is a cute blonde teenager. Halloween is a gothic chick and Gyfox is a punk metal guy. Neither of them want to return to Holiday Island because who would want to be jolly twenty four hours a day?

Quinn thinks her parents are trying to have a baby because she catches them making out and making happy noises in their bedrooms. She must stop them, even if she doesn’t get any sleep.

Life has come to a halt without the most celebrated Holidays. Daria and Jane visit Holiday Island. All the Holidays are high school students! Daria and Jane decide to help get Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day to return to Holiday Island once they find out Presidents’ Days are ruling the school. Patriotic? Pa-leez.

The holiday day band are offered a gig at H. I. High School prom. When they find out who the new leaders of the school are, they quickly take over.

Okay, this wasn’t such a Christmasy episode, but I don’t really care at this point. I’m too tired.

Leprecaun: You see Daria, you really had a wonderful life.

Daria: What the hell are you talking about?

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Happy Baboon Holidays

This Christmas special in less than ten minutes long and comes from one of the craziest cartoons I have ever seen in my life. I’m not sure many people have heard of ‘Cow and Chicken’ but I sure enjoyed the episodes that aired in my time.

This episode doesn’t have Cow or Chicken but is based on the secondary characters (like a completely different show) I.M. Weasel and Baboon.

It opens with Baboon cleaning the dishes and is rudely interupted by loud slams on the door. His family have come to visit him for Christmas which he totally forgets. How can anybody forget about Christmas? He leaves his family standing at the front door of his caravan to quickly grab a Christmas tree. His family just stand and wait at the door for hours that they turn into ice blocks in the cold weather. Somebody give these baboons a brain.

I. M. Weasel finds them and quickly takes them into his luxurious apartment to defrost. Soon the baboons and Weasel become like family as they decorate and sing Christmas carols together.

Baboon returns with the a Christmas tree that is way too big for his caravan but he jams the thing in anyway.

He turns angry at the sight of Weasel and his family having a fun time together. Weasel has stolen his family! He goes on a rampage and destroys everything Christmas related.

Of course after the anger goes away, you just become sad, as Weasel does as he cries alone. Weasel becomes Santa to save the Christmas spirit inside Baboon by revealing singing baboons. Wait a minute– that’s his family! Everybody is soo happy because they have finally been reunited! Baboon, if you didn’t forget Christmas in the first place, none of this would have happened. Everything is all well.

In a very strange and out there way, this episode shows the true meaning of Christmas; a joyful and loving occation to be spent with your family and friends! Awww…

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Release the Purple Alien on DVD!

Do you remember this show where there’s a purple alien that travels in its small spaceship and it has a floating brain to help him? He fights bad guys and stuff? Have you ever asked about this and they thought you were making it up? I did! This TV show is called Widget the World Watcher.


It is so good. I loved watching it so much when I was young. Especially when he transformed. They didn’t play as much reruns as Captain Planet which is why I remember Captain Planet better. How can I remember the name Widget the World Watcher anyway? It’s such a long name. I only found out the name when my former English teacher asked us if we remembered a show called Widget the World Watcher. There isn’t much I can talk about because I don’t remember any clear episodes. I want to watch this again so can it please me released on DVD? Please? Maybe someone should start a petition?

Widget is so cute. This show rocked. Even if people posted this on youtube, it’s not the same as watching it on television. It deserves to come out on DVD. Who’s with me?

Captain Planet, Go Planet!

Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Ah, this show has got to be one of the greatest children’s animations of the 90s if not the greatest. I don’t know what other show made me so obsessed. I wanted to be one of these Planeteers! The first episode is the most important of all. The others can be watched in any order. Captain Planet was a show about saving our environment.

Fat-tumbling-moron and his psychic chicken-legs are destroying the environment with their toxic waste, as usual.


Gaia must find young people to stop these awful people. It is time for the rings!


Isn’t it great watching a cartoon that is hand drawn? Remember those? Sigh. Moving on . . . the rings hold different powers of nature at a limit. So if your power was water, you can’t flood the whole city. The rings bring together:

Kwame from Africa, with the power of EARTH!


Gi, from Asia, with the power of WATER!


Wheeler, from North America, with the power of FIRE!


Linka, from the Soviet Union, with the power of WIND!


And last but not least (however forgettable), Mati from South America, with the power of HEART!


With their powers combined, they create CAPTAIN PLANET!


That is always very exciting! Linka isnt sketching in that screen cap, she’s playing a keyboard. Isn’t that weird? I want one. I honestly don’t remember a guy named Ma-Ti. Before watching this again, I went on their official website and found out there was a power called HEART. “What the hell is HEART?” I thought. I’ve had the theme song playing for a while and you don’t really hear him say HEART unless you already know the power of HEART actually exist. In the first episode, everybody’s accent is very thick. After two episodes or so, their accents slowly fade away and you can sooo tell they sound American. Listen to Linka talk in the pilot and you know what I’m talking about.

I always wanted to be Linka. We use to have the ring WATER but I don’t remember where we got it from because I was too young. I wish we had all the rings. You can’t really do much with just WATER. Did you have any Planeteer rings? Where did you get them from?

I also really want to watch ‘Whidget the World Watcher’. That show was hilarious and it’s simular to Captain Planet. Where can I watch it?

Please cast your vote in this poll!

What’s that Funky Smell? – Stickin Around Volume 1 DVD

I don’t understand why USA keeps teasing Canada. What’s wrong with Canada? They produced some great cartoons. Namely Stickin’ Around.

for your big fat information
this is our imagination
me and my friend bradley
what you know is what you see
stick around, and help us to explore
see the world, like you’ve never seen before

real mature bradley
hey scradley….what

we get up, we get down
sometimes we just clown around
what we make is what we feel
bradley: yeah like aliens from uranus

stick around, theres a whole world to explore
sights and sounds
you aint never seen or heard before
sing it loud
all you have to do is stick around

I swear, this is the last cartoon post for a long time. I need to talk about other things. Stickin’ Around is famous for its kid like drawing (stick figures) and it’s crazy imagination. There is so much imagination, that you never know what’s actually real and what isn’t. If you are still a kid you wouldn’t have a problem with it. I don’t ever remember having this problem when I watched it. I guess I didn’t think about it. What’s real and what isn’t is kind of frustrating.

Pilot: And Action – First Episode. Bradly is making a movie for a Video competition, kind of like America’s Funniest Home Videos, except the videos I think are just supposed to be dumb. Take a look at these pictures to see how it all went. They get lost in the end and try to find their way back home.

Night of the Living Dumpster – Stacey’s Wiener dog is just drooling at the TV which isn’t even working. Stacey’s mom tells her to take out the trash. Bradley and Stacey must fight off the scary Dumpster Monster who is trying to eat them.

Disappearing Act – Stacey’s mom gets mad at her daughter because she keeps asking ‘why’. She yells at her to clean up her room. Bradley comes over to help and they play around with her mothers vanishing cream. They disappear and go around the neighborhood to do their deeds of the day. her mother finds her room spotless and gets really worried. Where is Stacey and Bradley?

And The Wiener Is…- This is the first appearance of Dill (the loud guy) and the girl in the wheelchair. It’s Wednesday so the gang buy a Lott A Bucks ticket. Russel and Lance chase after them for their ticket and they do everything they can do save it from them. Why don’t Russel and Lance just buy their own? Oh right, because it’s more fun to steal.

Beware the Lunchwad – It’s the first day of school and what’s the biggest issue in school? Lunch. First Bradley forces Stacey to pick which to eat between a Skunk and an eyeball, then their sports teacher talks about the digestive system of the frog. Russel kicks his lunch around in class before eating it. His lunch looks like vomit which turns into a monster and chases after the gang. In the end it was all their imagination. Russel opens his vomit looking lunch (what is it B-man?) and gulps in it. Gross. No wonder he smells.

Madam Know-It-All – There’s nothing on TV. Bradley and Stacey see a psychic work her stuff on television so Stacey declares that she is psychic. She goes around predicting things that come true in a way.

That’s all from this volume. Buy the DVD. I’m tired. Next volume coming up. Until next time! Holy Mackeral! Geez Louis!