Cookies say “we really care”

There are only 13 days until Christmas and I don’t know if I want to write so much on Christmas day. I decided for 12 days I will watch a Christmas episode of different tv shows. I find watching characters give gifts to each other give me ideas on what I should buy for my friends and family. My first show will be none other than my favourite show of all time, Friends.

Monica and Rachel are broke so they can’t afford to buy people gifts. Thanks to Monica’s love for cooking, they rely on cookies as Christmas tips. Sadly nobody seems to be enjoying the cookies.

This is the episode after ‘the List’ so Rachel is still mad at Ross, even after he gave her a Slinky for Christmas. A Slinky? Really? Ross also bought ‘Hers’ and ‘Hers’ towels for Carol and Susan; a military blouse for his mother; and a picture frame from Ben to his parents. Pheobe notices the model in the picture frame and claims the model is her dad. Soon she realized that maybe the frame guy isn’t her dad afterall and needs clarification from her grandmother. I love how many graduation photographs the grandmother pulls out in order to drag on the lie. Grandmother eventually shows Phoebe her real dad.

Rachel and Moncia’s Christmas party sort of becomes a disaster because the knob on their radiotor broke and it becomes way to hot!

Chandler and Joey join Phoebe to set out to visit her dad and to buy last minute gifts. Poor Phoebe is too nervous to meet her dad that she couldn’t make her way to the front door. “What if he’s still the dirt bag who ran out on my mom and us?” Since they spent all day in front of her dad’s house, Chandler and Joey spent their Christmas shopping time at the gas station.

Rachel: Wiper Blades
Phoebe: Toilet seat covers.
Ross: Cola and Lemon Lime drink. (Ross bought them or just one of them sweaters).
Monica: Condoms

Chandler and Joey spent more on their Super than their friends! The best gift from this episode is clearly the Hers and Hers bath towels. I might just use that. I might just…

Happy Holidays Everybody!