Backpack Purses

You know those small backups that all the teenagers and even children used to carry around?

You know . . . they come in mostly black, sometimes leather, sometimes a big smiley face? You could see bubble shaped ones? There were ones so small you could only fit a sandwich in there.

Yeah those. They are called backpack purses. They have never really disappeared. You just don’t see them as a fashion staple anymore.

I was ten years old and everyone in my class brought along their tiny little backpacks to school excursions. I believe American schools call it field trips, and some of these road trips take a few days. We call those camps. When it’s a day trip we call it excursions.

So everyone owned one except me and a few uncool kids (we were the unspoilt ones). I literally whined to my mother until she bought me one and it was the greatest thing I could have ever have gotten that year. I never got any dolls or new toys I wanted, but when my mother saw me wanting a bag, and bags are useful, she made sure I had the best one.

That was of course, a long, long time ago.

Guess what, everybody? I’m bringing them back! I have a black backpack purse, my pale blue jean, plaid shirt, and doc martens! Wooo!

I’m a 90s walking disaster and I don’t care! I love it.

Alright. Honestly, The backpack purse, depending on the style, still looks dorky. Well I have accepted doc martens. Perhaps one day, I will carry around the backpack purse with pride.

Let me know if you have accepted any 90s fashion item into your daily wardrobe in the comments below.

Wedding Fashion Ideas

I was at the thrift store again and I found a bridal magazine from 1994. I thought I should share some of my favourites online. The lasy at the counter thought I was getting married. Um, I’m too young to be anybody’s wife!

If you’re a fashion designer, or you’re looking for wedding dress ideas for your upcoming ceremony, then you might find this post helpful. If you’re just here for the 90s goodness, I assume you’ll be cringing and/or laughing at some of these designs.

The first 90s dress on todays tour has the tight pencil skirt that resembles a mermaids tail, and ruffles. Yes, ruffles. There also seems to be a long ruffled train attacked to the back of the waist.

I included this dress because it obviously took inspiration from the medieval times. This dress shouts PRINCESS and CASTLE. The sleeves remind me of Cameron Diaz’s wedding dress from My Best Friend’s Wedding (which I love by the way). The only part of the dress that ruins it for me are the roses placed in the groin region.

Oh boy. They say in big font that it’s an inspired 60s gown. Please tell me they’re joking.

‘Honey, those flowers you’re holding look more beautiful than you.”

You know you’re a 90s child when all your drawings of girls in formal gowns all look identical to this! Okay, maybe not identical. I never put that much volume into the skirt; it makes your character look short or has a big ass. Luckily, this model is tall so it makes her look like a amazon.

I’m going to end this wedding dress tour with a groom’s suit. I wanted something that screamed 90s. It has to be memorable. It has to be … beautiful.

Okay, are you ready? Are you ready for it?

Are you sure? Okay.


What did I tell ya? Did I do my job right?

For those getting married, I DARE you to make your fiance wear this. I dare you.

Oh, and if you do, I’d like some photos please. No joke.


PHOTOS: Studio for Brides Magazine 1994

Calling Doc Martens

Dr. Martens are back, baby!

These shoes were created in 1945 by Doctor Klaus Maertens for comfortable wear. Apparently almost every teenager had a pair in the late 90s. They’re not the prettiest shoes you have ever seen, but in the 90s, people only cared about comfort. Baggy shirts and jeans are comfortable; throw them on. Now that I mention it, I could really use some Doc Martens. I’m wearing leather shoes at the moment and one of my toes is killing me.

A superb add of classic Dr. Marten shoes 1460 from 1997. Click to enlarge.


I see students wear them as school shoes. Yeah. School shoes were a huge hit in the 90s.


I find these knee high ones much more edgier.


Dr. Martens have released fluoro colours for the new era. I read in some fashion magazine it’s great to wear these with miniskirts. NO thanks. Try wearing them with acid-washed jeans. Vomit. How ’80s would you look, huh? If you haven’t noticed, I don’t like 80s fashion. Especially not the fluoro colours.


Vintage black is the way to go. For females; wear them with your Little Black Dress or other winter dresses to give the feminine look some edge. For males; try not to wear it with too much black as you will look gothic. Wear them with patterned pants and plain shirt. If you think you can’t pull it off, jeans are always a good but safe option.

Here are some of the latest models/celebrities wearing Doc Martens around.

agydocmartens1[Agyness Deyn]

90224NI4[Emily Blunt]


Ross: Joey, nice shoes, man.
Joey: Thanks, man.
Ross: [Long Pause] Ehem. What about mine?
Joey: What about yours?

Is it Back?

Is the 90s Grunge fashion back? Okay, I wouldn’t call Grunge a fashion. It’s actually more against fashion. I see a bunch of people wearing baggy checkered-like shirts and ripped jeans. I think Grunge is cool but I just don’t suit the clothes! I tried one baggy shirt on and I looked like a wannebe or something. Life is so unfair.

I’m just so glad that the 80s clothes are starting to disappear. First it was the bubble dresses which I despised, they went away quickly. Then comes the leather with the metal dangling crap (include the early nineties I guess) which is slowly disppearing. Hey so-called Fashion Designers!!! Stop trying to bring back the eighties! The only thing exceptional is the heigh waisted pants, but they should be flared like these:

This is from blueberries-online. Isn’t it hot?