Nintendo 64!!!!

When I reflect back on my childhood, I picture bike rides, sword (plastic sticks) fighting, scary stories, Sweet Valley, and Nintendo. My family owned the Nintendo Entertainment System and an ATARI, but I preferred playing the ATARI games because they were simple. I still love those games. My brother chose the Sega Genesis over the Super Nintendo later on, which didn’t appeal to me either.

My next door neighbours bought a Nintendo 64 a few years later and it was as if it was mine as well. I was there everyday to play the next stages of Donkey Kong 64. It was nothing like what I have ever played before. It was a 3D adventure; no more 2D side-scrolling!

I was there everyday after that for any new games that they may have rented. We helped each other beat the bosses, battled against each other in multi-player modes and party games. My friends’/neighbours’ parents grew sick of my face!

Here are my top favourite games on the Nintendo 64

  1. Donkey Kong 64 – Every time you find a banana there’s the epic signature drumming by Donkey Kong.
  2. Super Smash Brothers – Introduced me to a character by the name of Link, who was my go-to character. My second go-to character was Pikechu.
  3. Banjo & Kazooie – RARE needs to leave Microsoft and make games for Nintendo again.
  4. Pokemon Stadium – The Kids Club – Where you play mini-party games. They were a hoot!
  5. Bomberman 64
  6. Diddy Kong Racing
  7. Mario Party – Rather low on the list. I guess since I can still play Mario Party there’s less nostalgia for this one.

Games I wished I played:

  1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  2. Star Fox 64

Games that sucked:

  1. South Park – Pottie mouth kid that won’t stop talking. The horrible turkeys. Annoying, annoying, annoying!
  2. Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Forgettable

Game I can’t remember:
It was a party game or could have been mini-games of an adventure one. I remember one of them was that four players were separated in two teams and had to kick as many soccer balls as you can pass the other team’s goalie. There was also one where it was like bumper cars.

Nintendo 64 is my favourite console of all time even though I don’t own one and never did. I had a blast playing the games mainly because there was always a group of friends to play with. There were some bad memories here are there, such as fighting over the controller, but majority of it were fantastic, regardless of it destroying the other parts of my life; reading, playing outside, spending time with my family, not getting any homework done, falling behind at school, etc.

Who doesn’t love Link?

I don’t know why but I have never been a fan of Mario. I dislike Luigi even more. If I had to play any character from the original Mario Cart, I always chose Peach.

I can’t wait to purchase the Wii U and continue my Nintendo adventure.

Let me know which were your favourite games to play on the Nintendo 64.

I would totally act like that if someone gifted it to me now.


Beep* Beep* I’m Hungry!

The year is 1997 and Tamagotchis are the new craze! It was created and released in 1996 but I don’t know when it was released in our country.


The Game: You must feed it when it’s hungry. It’s a good idea to play a game with your Tamagotchi pet. There is only one game you can play with it and I still don’t get the purpose. The Tamagotchi waits for you to pick left or right. You press one and sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong. Sometimes your Tamagotchi can become ill from lack of care or something. You will need to give it an injection. There is a status section that is the most helpful to check how happy, healthy, and hungry your Tamagotchi is. Whenever it needs you, your Tamagotchi will beep to let you know. Do not neglect¬†it or something bad will happen. You set the time before you begin so your Tamagotchi sleeps when you do.

I really,really, really wanted a Tamagotchi. I never had a real pet when I was in elementary so the thought of an electronic pet is brilliant! Like any other kid that wants a toy, I kept nagging my mom. Everywhere we went I saw one and I didn’t give up.

Then we went overseas and there were so many of those rip-off Tamagotchis. There were toy stands everywhere! I didn’t know the difference between a real one and a rip-off one so I didn’t care.


We arrived at our relatives place and my cousin gave me her small Tamagotchi because she was going to buy the bigger version. My dreams came true! I was the happiest girl in the world.

After two weeks, the Tamagotchi was a pain! They drive you absolutely crazy! Beeep Beep! Beep Beep! Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, that thing will beep until you do something about it. I can’t recall how many times it has woken me up early in the morning for food or something else. I was getting ready for the group photoshoot for a wedding and I actually stopped the process to feed my Tamagotchi. I actually have a picture of that but I’m not putting that up!

My mother was yelling at me of course for making everybody wait. Didn’t they understand that my Tamagotchi was hungry and it was more important than anything in the world? Nope. I don’t understand either. The worse thing was that it beeped more often than the first week I played with it. I didn’t know understand why.


[Look at how colourful they are. They sure knew how to attrack the kids.]

Finally we came home and I wanted my Tamagotchi to die already! It wouldn’t die! Oh yeah, I found out that it kept beeping because it was fat so it wanted to eat more often than usual. I thought I had to wait until the batteries died for this game to finish. Eventually I found out how to stop it and I did. I felt so guilty.

Tamagotchis are horrible. Don’t buy them.

Yo-Yo Time

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, you must have gone through the Yo-Yo phase. Now yo-yos weren’t developed in the 90s or anything, in fact, it went all the way back to 1000 BCE, but it was in the 90s that it became so big. Pretty much every child had a yo-yo. If you didn’t have one, there must have been something wrong with you. Everyone was yo-yoing during recess and one time I didn’t have one. It was so boring watching everyone play and do tricks with their yo-yos while I just stood there.


(I wanted to put a picture of my yo-yos but I can’t find them anywhere.)

Yo-yos were so big that The Simpsons even did an episode about it. I haven’t seen that episode in a long, long time. Don’t remember what happened.


The only tricks I can remember at the top of my head was the cradle and the dog walker. For the cradle you use the string to form a triangle around the yo-yo and rock the yo-yo back and forth. Not really a trick, just something cute somebody thought. I saw the dog walker for the first time performed by my P.E. teacher. He brought the yo-yo in and started showing off. The yo-yo would keep jumping up and down his leg as if it were a dog. We all thought it was so cool.

If you had any tricks you thought up the top of your head, be sure to tell!