The Best Christmas Ever

That 70s Show is my other favourite sitcom of all time. It came out in 1998 but is set in the 70s, duh!

Eric Foreman is throwing a Christmas party and he needs cash. Red Foreman hands him forty dollars to buy a Christmas tree; whatever he doesn’t spend he can keep for himself. Eric hates haggling. Kitty wants to make punch for his party. “You can’t have a party without punch! That’s just insanity!”

Red is working for Bob at his electrical appliance store. Bob wants him to work on Christmas Eve but apparently nobody works on Christmas Eve. I know A LOT of people working on Christmas Eve now.

Eric, Kelso, and Hyde steal a Christmas tree off the side of the road so they can spend the forty dollars on beer. I love the scene when Kitty runs out saying “oh it’s so fresh!” and a bird flies out!

Hyde has a thing for Donna, even though everybody knows Donna and Eric have a thing for each other. Hyde wants to buy a gift for her . . . with six dollars.

Laurie spikes Mrs. Foreman’s punch. Jackie and her blonde girlfriends drinks it and fall all over Fez.

Kelso thought that they were NOT exchanging gifts this year. Hello, it’s Christmas! What’s Christmas without gifts? So Kelso runs out on Christmas Eve looking for a gift. Bob’s store is the only one open and Red is the only one working. The place is dead! All I know about shopping on Christmas Eve is that it’s a huge rush and it’s so hard to find parking.

Two state trooper officers come to confiscate the tree as it is public property. Here’s who got one this Christmas.

Jackie: Hot Rollers with steam from Kelso.
Donna: An framed old photograph of her and Hyde in the fifth grade from Hyde. Hot Shoulders perfume from Eric.
Eric: I.D. bracelet with his name on it from Donna.
Hyde: Tube socks from Donna.
Fez: Drunk blondes.


If he says he’s Santa then he is!

Oops. Forgot to update yesterday. I was out all day. So this is technically the 6th day of Christmas post.

Beverly Hills 90210 – Walsh Family Christmas

Brenda Walsh is working in a boutique. It is a Walsh’s tradition that they wait two days before Christmas to buy their tree, that way they get the freshest tree. Due to Los Angeles heat, all the trees are dead or wilted. Brandon resorts to spray paint it green.

Steve is looking for his birth mother, but let’s not get too into that otherwise you’ll be here all day!

Nat serves free dinners at the Peach Pit on Christmas. What a great man. An old homeless man comes in early and leaves dressed as Santa Claus. He enters Brenda’s boutique but is quckly kicked out by her boss.

Kelly’s Christmas dinner is ruined because her mother and David Silver’s dad had an argument about him spending the day with his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Santa is having a bit of trouble with the police so Brenda saves him and takes him home for dinner. Brenda’s exclamation to her parents? “My instincts tell me that he’s harmless.” Well with your history and everything with instincts, that makes us feel a whole lot better.

The weird thing about this is that the homeless guy is also seen as a Pilot back where Steve is. Is Beverly Hills going supernatural on us? Oh my god . . . maybe he is Santa!

Everyone turns up for the Walsh’s Christmas eve dinner. Even David and his father. Steve is still not there.

Santa delivers gifts to the girls and they’re from Tiffany’s. This freaks the parents out. Mrs. Walsh thinks he stole her engagement ring. She’s about to call the police on his ass but Mr. Walsh pulls it out of his pocket. It has been altered and is now worth a lot more. What a great gift idea.

Donna’s birthday is on Christmas Eve! That sucks.

The episode ends with everybody singing Christmas Carols to Mr. Walsh’s fantastic keyboard playing skills. Everything is all happy and jolly and what the hell, Ho Ho Ho!

No drama. No cliffhangers. Leaves you in a very good Christmas Spirit. I hope you enjoyed my recap of a one hour long episode.

Happy Holidays Everbody

Sabrina and Salem’s Christmas

It’s the 5th day and I have chosen a sitcom that is innocent, cute, and loved by many teenagers in the 90s. It’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Sabrina starts Christmas Eve horribly by fighting with Salem her black cat.

Salem hides in her backpack which she takes to the Pizzareria to meet Harvey. Harvey got her a silver necklace and she got him a scarf. They are too cute. They are about to share a kiss under the mistletoe when Salem escapes to chase after a mouse. This causes Sabrina to get kicked out. Once again Salem and Sabrina start bickering each other. Salem refuses to return home with her. A little boy comes and takes him home.

Oh Harvey, it's bee-yoot-tiful.

I couldn't resist. They are just too cute!

Salem calls her to recue him from this horrible pink-gown wearing kidnap. The boy has the typical 90s hair cut for boys with brown hair; Elijah Wood, Eric Lloyd. “He’s my cat now, ” he says to Sabrina over the phone. All Sabrina knows is that it’s a white house with a reef hanging on the door.

Dad, why did you get me the same haircut as Eric Lloyd?

Her aunts help her find the right house and she recognizes the boy’s voice over the phone but he denies he owns a cat. Sabrina comes up with an idea by dressing up as Santa so she can get into his bedroom. That’s another clever plan that is to dress up as Santa. Hey, this is going to sound horrible but . . . if you ever want to break into somebody’s house, just dress up as Santa. That’s what these episodes are teaching me!

So Sabrina the Santa gives the boy a spatula and a Neil Diamond CD Boxset  as gifts and tricks the boy that Stinky’s (Salem) gift is in the sack. He hops in and they disappear through his closet. He becomes sad it’s so adorable. Get him another cat! Somebody stop the water works and give him a cat. Fortunately the boy enjoys his new gifts and cherishes the spatula and Neil Diamond. Perhaps he doesn’t need a new cat afterall.

Gift Ideas from this episode: Guys like scarves.

Happy Holidays Everbody

Holiday Island

Depth Takes A Holiday

Londale Mall is celebrating Christmas in August! Daria is stopped by cupid (Valentines Day) and leprecaun (St Patrick’s Day) who are on a secret mission. Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day have left Holiday Island to Londale to start a band, of all places.

Daria returns home where her parents are already arguing. Cubid and leprecaun want the parents to shut it so Daria can help them. Cubid shoots them with a razer looking arrow shooters (I see Holiday Island is up to date with their technology) and the parents are blissfully horny for each other.

Leprecaun doesn’t want Quinn to know about them, mainly because there is no way he wants to talk to that “twit”. They haven’t met, and already they don’t get along. “God Daria, even your imaginary friends are embarassing”. Haha… lowl…

Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day comes over to jam at Trent’s house. Christmas is a cute blonde teenager. Halloween is a gothic chick and Gyfox is a punk metal guy. Neither of them want to return to Holiday Island because who would want to be jolly twenty four hours a day?

Quinn thinks her parents are trying to have a baby because she catches them making out and making happy noises in their bedrooms. She must stop them, even if she doesn’t get any sleep.

Life has come to a halt without the most celebrated Holidays. Daria and Jane visit Holiday Island. All the Holidays are high school students! Daria and Jane decide to help get Christmas, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day to return to Holiday Island once they find out Presidents’ Days are ruling the school. Patriotic? Pa-leez.

The holiday day band are offered a gig at H. I. High School prom. When they find out who the new leaders of the school are, they quickly take over.

Okay, this wasn’t such a Christmasy episode, but I don’t really care at this point. I’m too tired.

Leprecaun: You see Daria, you really had a wonderful life.

Daria: What the hell are you talking about?

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Happy Baboon Holidays

This Christmas special in less than ten minutes long and comes from one of the craziest cartoons I have ever seen in my life. I’m not sure many people have heard of ‘Cow and Chicken’ but I sure enjoyed the episodes that aired in my time.

This episode doesn’t have Cow or Chicken but is based on the secondary characters (like a completely different show) I.M. Weasel and Baboon.

It opens with Baboon cleaning the dishes and is rudely interupted by loud slams on the door. His family have come to visit him for Christmas which he totally forgets. How can anybody forget about Christmas? He leaves his family standing at the front door of his caravan to quickly grab a Christmas tree. His family just stand and wait at the door for hours that they turn into ice blocks in the cold weather. Somebody give these baboons a brain.

I. M. Weasel finds them and quickly takes them into his luxurious apartment to defrost. Soon the baboons and Weasel become like family as they decorate and sing Christmas carols together.

Baboon returns with the a Christmas tree that is way too big for his caravan but he jams the thing in anyway.

He turns angry at the sight of Weasel and his family having a fun time together. Weasel has stolen his family! He goes on a rampage and destroys everything Christmas related.

Of course after the anger goes away, you just become sad, as Weasel does as he cries alone. Weasel becomes Santa to save the Christmas spirit inside Baboon by revealing singing baboons. Wait a minute– that’s his family! Everybody is soo happy because they have finally been reunited! Baboon, if you didn’t forget Christmas in the first place, none of this would have happened. Everything is all well.

In a very strange and out there way, this episode shows the true meaning of Christmas; a joyful and loving occation to be spent with your family and friends! Awww…

Happy Holidays Everybody!