Highschool in the 90s

I love teen dramas, teen comedies, so I decided to write one of my own. This episode it based on the pilot of Beverly Hills 90210.

Starring Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson as the Samson sisters, and more stars of the 90s.

Episode 1 – The Class of the 90s


Christina is sleeping face down on on her pillow. Her Whitney Houston alarm clock belts out:
And I………..e…I…………
Will Always Love…. You….ooeeooo.
Jessica runs into her bedroom and pulls out the plug.
Jessica: Christina wake up! It’s our first day of school and I have nothing to wear.
Christina: Why don’t you go and annoy Britney.
Jessica: She’s already up. I have nothing to wear. (walks out)
Christina: First day of school. Strange City, no house, no friends, I’m psyched. Oh, she’s gone, and yet I’m still talking, to myself.

Christina walks into Jessica’s room in her new clothes. Piles of outfits and shoes were on Jessica’s bed.
Christina: You have nothing to wear?
Jessica: Christina! Everybody looks like they stepped out of Nirvana music video.
Christina: No they don’t. Grunge stopped. Stop carring what other people wear.
Jessica: How do you manage to handle the first day of school as the new kid?
Christina: Easy. I’m beautiful and I am always right.
Jessica: I need the perfect outfit. Nobody knows me. I could be a nobody.

Christina and Jessica were eating breakfast while Bob Samson  was packing their lunch.
Jessica: You don’t have to pack our lunch. We can eat from the cafeteria.
Mr. Samson: No. I can’t have you touching that food.
Britney walks in wearing a red cropped top, blue skirt, with cowboy boots. They all stare at her.
Britney: What?
Jessica: You’re wearing those boots? No way.
Christina: You’re jealous because you think only you can pull them off. She’s right though Britney, You look like you’re about to step on a pile of horse shit. Let’s go dad!
Mr. Samson: Go back and put on a sweater honey.

Britney walked into Science class and wondered where she should shit. The door behind her was shoved

opened and in walked a blonde  guy. Elijah Watts panicked.
Elijah: Um, hi! You can sit here.
Britney: Really?
Elijah: I can’t have him sit here. He’s a sophomore freshman. He steals my answers and then he gives me monster wedgies.
Britney: Ouch. What’s a sophomore freshman?
Elijah: It’s his second time as a ninth grader. (Smiles) I’m Elijah.
Britney: Britney.

Christina and Jessica were walking with their new friend.
Dione: That’s Mr. Swimmer . He’s the hottest teacher in this school and he’s our science teacher.
Jessica: Great. I won’t have trouble flirting with him for good grades.
Dione: Slut, slut, slut, talks to himself.
Christina: Who are they?

Dione: They’re the most popular seniors at school. Don’t look at them. They’re going through some weird crazy shit at the moment.
Jessica: Creepy…

Students were starring at the sky when Britney and Elijah walked down the stairs to the courtyard.
Britney: What are they all starring at?
They both looked. A jet was writing in the sky.
Britney: Potty at 25 Hills avenue.
Elijah: All right, a party. We are both going to be there. Our first party.
Britney: He’s still writing. No . . . fishman?
Elijah: Freshman. Man. (looks up) We’re still going.
Britney: We are?

In Jessica’s bedroom.
Jessica: Let’s tell dad to take us to the party.
Christina: No. He’ll never let us, and when we tell him he’ll be suspicious of everything we do.
Jessica: You’re so smart.
Christina: Yeah, yeah, shut up, I’m thinking. We’ll ask Dione to take us and tell dad we’re going to hang out with our friend. He can’t say no. He wants us to get use to this new place.

Outside the party house behind a bush.
Elijah: This is what we do. We’ll go to the back, climb the fence, jump into a tree, and climb down very slowly. Nobody will be focused on the shade of the tree. It should be pretty dark. It’s the perfect plan.
Jessica and Christina walked in with Dione.
Britney: Jess! Christina! Let’s go Elijah.
Elijah gets pulled inside the backyard.

Christina watched Jessica flirt with some guys. She walked off on her on. A boy  sat on a bench by himself.
Christina: Hi. You look familiar. Do I know you?
Macaulay: You should. This is my party. This is my house!
Christina: I swear I’ve seen you before.
A boy stops by.
Boy1: Dude. You look familiar.
Macaulay: This is my party! This is my house! Doesn’t anyone know me?
Christina: Sure. You’re the host.
Boy1: Welcome to the party host dude.
Macaulay: This is my party!

Elijah and Britney were standing beside the pool. The guy pushed Elijah into the pool.
Sean William Sean: No freshmans!
Everybody laughs.
Britney: Elijah!
Elijah: I’m drowning! Wait, no I’m fine. Help me up.
Britney pulls him out of the pool.

Britney, Elijah, Christina, and Jessica walked out of the party.
Jessica: This is the worst party ever. Nothing happened. It’s like this whole day was an introduction of the Samson sisters. Boring.
Christina: I predict it would only get– Dad!

At home.
Mr. Samson: Sorry kids. For lying you three will be grounded for two weeks.
Jessica: We’re so sorry.
Christina: We betrayed your trust. We just wanted to fit in. You know how hard it is for us as the new kids. We wanted people to like us. We wanted to have friends. (Mouth Quivers)
Mr. Samson: Girls, I want you to have friends, you should have told me the truth.
Jessica: This is will never happen again.
Britney: We love you daddy.
Mr. Samson: My poor girls. Okay, since it’s your first day of school, I’ll let you off this time. I know how tough peer pressure can be.
All: Thanks dad!
They all share a big loving hug.

The End

I decided to finish it with a Fullhouse ending. Hope you enjoyed it.

My friend is weird because she lives in a funeral home – My Girl

I thought the first movie I would write about would be a teenage flick like She’s All That. I changed my mind to My Girl.


Aww, it’s Macaulay Culkin, and he’s so cute in this movie, especially with the glasses.

I dreaded writing about the Spice Girl because they were past the mid nineties, but I chose to get them over with so I can focus on better music artist.

Mr Girl was released in 1991 in USA but released 1992 in the rest of the world. The plot summary is . . . it is um . . . I find it hard to summarize. I could never tell a friend what this movie was about. It was about a little girl who was a tomboy and was an outcast. Her mother was dead, her father was an undertaker, the only friend she had was Thomas. J. She was going through— I’m just going to give up. There is no way I can give you the basic plot in just a few words, so I’m going to have to do it the long way: right from the start.

Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky) was only eleven years old and lived in a large house where her father (Dan Aykroyd) held funerals and held the deceased down in the basement. Why would a father allow this to happen? Didn’t he understand that Vada could be frightened by dead people? Guess he was too depressed with his wife’s death to think it through. She was only eleven! In a way, Vada was afraid, but she thought if she became one of them, she wouldn’t be so afraid. Vada was a regular patient at the doctors thinking she was going to die very soon and claimed there was something wrong with her.

Thomas J. Sennett (Culkin) was a nice, short, and scrawny little boy who was allergic to pretty much everything. He was allergic to chocolate! Vada and Thomas were best friends and they mostly hung around their favourite tree beside the lake. They lived in a really small town so everyone pretty much knew everyone else. They popped by their English Teacher house (I would never have visited a teacher if I was still in elementary school) during their summer break. Vada had a huge crush on him. When I mean huge I mean she sang love songs to his picture in the school photo. When she found out Mr. Bixler was going to teach an adults English class she had to be in his class just to see him.

Meanwhile Shelley Devoto arrived for a job interview to become a make-up artist. She was shocked to find out that she going to put make-up on dead people. Shelley (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Harry, the father fell in love with each other. Vada was upset by this, no one replaces my mom she thought. She made sure Shelley knew that Vada didn’t accept her as apart of this family. She was even more furious when she found out they were engaged. Thomas J. was always by her side whenever she needed him, even when he didn’t agree with everything she did or said. The thing was, Vada needed a female to look up to and to teach her about growing up into a woman.

Rent this movie just to see Macaulay’s and Anne Clumsky’s first on screen kiss.

I am not embarassed to say that this movie made me cry the first time I saw it. I rented this movie a long time ago because of my friend suggested it. I watched this movie for the second time and I cried, again, even when I knew what was coming.

This is not scary. It is not miserable or dramatic, it is realistic and escapes to somewhere you’ve been before: your childhood. The sixties and seventies music gives it a touch of innocence. It is the type of music children should be listening to, not what they’re listening to nowadays. There’s nothing negative I can say. It’s a heartwarming movie and I will cherish it forever.