Titanic 3D

If you didn’t know already, Titanic will be rereleased in cinemas very, very, friggin soon. If you aren’t planning to go to the cinemas and watching this epic romantic thriller, then . . . I can not.

This is Titanic!

Titanic is a film directed by James Cameron, staring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. It was released in 1997 to sold-out theatres everywhere. The public assumed this film was going to tank, but it ended up breaking records for the highest grossing film of all time.  Things like this make me laugh. I love a good “haha, I proved you wrong” story. It stood as the highest grossing film for over ten years before getting beaten by James Cameron’s own film Avatar. I predicted it was going to happen due to its high ticket prices, but that didn’t mean I was happy about it. Don’t get me wrong, Avatar was great, but come on, better than Titanic? I don’t think so. The last time I saw Avatar was in the cinemas.  

The film is about a wealthy girl, lost, and trapped in her class who falls for a boy from a lower social class.

Here is a comment from a friend of mine that shares the same passion (and more) towards that film:

Sarahisawesome: cried the whole time  and god dammit there was enough room on that door!!!!!!!! 😀

I barely graduated out of elementary school when I saw this film. The ending scared the crap out of me. I went to sleep shivering under my covers. Disney had be believing that all movies had a happy ending. That was not happy at all! At that age I didn’t see the actors in the film, I saw the characters. So if a certain character dies, I would believe that I would never see that face again.

This is the type of film that will tear at your heart strings not just for the romance, but for the entire atmosphere and extras. This film alone won 11 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor. It stayed in theatres for ten months! That’s nearly an entire year!

I’ll see you at the cinemas. Popcorn and all.

As any stan would say:
Bow to this film. Bow.
Your film could never.
Leonardo DiCaprio has never looked better.
I miss this Leonardo DiCaprio

Make sure Santa Clause doesn’t fall off the roof!

It’s time for the Christmas post of the year. Last year I chose to recap Christmas holiday specials of 90s Tv Shows. Today, I decided to talk about the movie ‘The Santa Clause’ staring Tim Allen. Yes, you should know that movie by now. I’ve been putting this post off for a few weeks, but now it’s time to put my mind back into my childhood and discuss what it is that Kids love about this film.

Charlie must stay with his dad for Christmas. Scott Calvin and Laura Calvin Miller are seperated. The first thing they do is argue about when is the right time to tell Charlie that Santa Claus isn’t real. Neil, Laura’s current husband told him that there’s no such thing as Santa. It seems that Charlie likes Neil way more than his own dad.

Scott (Tim Allen) really wants Charlie to believe that there is a Santa Claus. “What about people that don’t have fireplaces, how does he get into their house?” I wondered about this question myself.

In the middle of the night, Charlie hears noises on the rooftops. When they check it out Scott finds a man dressed in a Santa Claus costume trying to get into the chimney. At the sight of Scott, the ‘burglar’ falls of the roof. They hear jingles on the roof and find a line of reindeers!

Holy cow! That WAS Santa and his reindeers. I was astounded. Scott puts on the Santa suit and helps Santa deliver the presents. When he approaches a house without a fireplace, he gets sucked down a pipe and a fireplace magically appears. Answer solved!

The reindeers take Scott and Charlie to their new home; The North Pole. The elves and Santa live in a big beautiful mansion. Nothing like what I expected. I thought the workshop would be more taditional; like the one in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

They both wake up in Calvin’s house. Laura and Neil pick up Charlie and are worried that Charlie actually believes that a dream where his Father is Santa, actually happened. The scene where Neil tries to get Charlie to find Santa nonesence is gold.

Neil: Have you ever seen a reindeer fly?
Charlie: Yes.
Neil: Well I haven’t.

Scott begins to put on weight and grow white facial hair at an immense rate. Laura and Neil do the most horrible thing. They take Charlie away from Scott and suspend his visitation rights. Scott takes Charlie along with him to deliver the presents and the police are out to get him.

Scott finally returns Charlie home. When Laura comes to realize that he is Santa, I just wanted to cry, Neil’s reaction is just hysterical.


I knew there was no Santa when I used to watch this every year as a child, but this movie made me wish there was a Santa. My parents laughed at me that I actually believed in Santa Clause at age 5. I was crushed. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I’m an adult now, but this movie still impacts me. It gives me the Christmas spirit. It is the only movie that has ever given me this type of spirit as a child. Checking the IMDB rating, I don’t think this movie is for the critics. They have no idea how this movie affects children. As Charlie said, “It’s okay Neil. You were just denying your inner child.”

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

P. S. May I just say the soundtack/score of this film is perfect!

Baby Luck can get you Anywhere

I was surprised to find out that Baby’s Day Out was a bomb at the box office. This was one of those movies that my school teachers decided to repeatedly play on the last day of school before school holidays. It wasn’t a problem as the response of the class was overwhelmingly positive. I bet my teachers grew tired of this movie.

Baby’s Day Out was written by John Hughes who is famous for his 80s brat-pack movies such as The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles. It stars twins Adam Robert & Jacob Joseph Worton as Baby Bink Cotwell. Baby Bink belongs to a rich socialite family in New York. He lives in a mansion and is mostly taken care of by his nanny. He loves to read ‘Baby’s Day Out’ with his nanny.


You dress your baby boy like a girl, Mrs. Cotwell!


Mrs. Cotwell decides to get his photograph taken for the social newspaper and hires a downtown photographer to take it. The photographers turn up in the worst disguises ever. He even ask to be alone with the baby. I don’t think it’s a good judgement call to leave your child with three creeps but Mrs. Cotwell does what she’s told. When she returns her baby has disappeared and a ransom note of 5 million dollars is left behind.


Do you take pictures or play golf?


I find it amusing that the baby doesn’t shed a single tear at the fact that he’s being taken away from familiar surroundings and away from people he recognises. The three dinguses take him to his apartment. Dingus no. 1 falls asleep besides the baby which gives him the chance to escape. Baby Bink enters locations and vehicles that he sees in the book ‘Baby’s Day Out’. The kidnappers chase after him, and in result; many slap-stick sequences ensue.

He takes the bus.

A department store’s care centre.

A ride in a taxi cab.

The Zoo – I really hope this is just a set because if animals are to be caged it must be outdoors with plently of room to roam around!

At a downtown park . . .

. . . And a building construction site.

The slapstick comedy isn’t particularly funny, but it’s entertaining because these guys deserved everything that was coming to them. If you enjoy watching Home Alone, you’ll definitely like this movie. I really hope no one missed out on watching this when they were a child. It’s light. It’s fun. And the baby is the cutest, baby, EVA!


goo goo


gaa gaa

I got weepy at the end when the mother finds her child. I’m beginning to think I’ll cry at any movie about a mother and her baby. I consider this movie to be THE BABY MOVIE. An underated classic of the 90s.

Dinosaur Theme Park

 Jurassic Park (the film based on Michael Crichton’s novel of the same title) was released in 1993 and is one of Steven Spielberg’s most entertaining movies of all time. John Hammond wants to open a park filled with cloned dinosaurs, but must have a safety inspection first. Computer Architech Dennis Nedry (played by favourite 90s fatty actor Wayne Knight) gets bribed to steal dinosaur embryos to deliver to Hammond’s rival. Accordingly, Nedry shuts off the security system; allowing dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs to escape out of their cages. This is where the fun begins.


I was petrified when I watched this movie for the first time. The beginning was light and fun, even included a cartoon explaining the cloning of their dinosaurs. I didn’t understand a thing but it was still cute to watch. Once T-Rex came into the picture, it was time to hide under the covers.


I watched this again and the dinosaurs still looks real as they did the first time I saw it. So many films these days use computers to generate animals and other creatures but it ends up looking like a 3D animation. Examples are the two Chronicles of Narnia films. For some reason it works for Jurassic Park. The sound effects used in Jurassic Park are spectacular. The screech and growls of these dinosaurs are just scary. You MUST watch this with surround sound.

The scene that frightened me the most and still does a bit, is the scene in the kitchen. Tim and Lex (Hammond’s grand children are trying to get out of being dinner (or was it breakfast/lunch, who knows) to two hungry Velociraptors. Tim and Lex are only kids, so this is pretty much a nightmare come true for them. They’re only in a kitchen for Pete’s sake; there isn’t much space for you to run or hide.


[Excuse the poor quality]

My other favourite scene was when Tim, Lex and Alan Grant get up close and personal with a Brachiosaurus in a tree. The dinosaur sneezed all over Lex. Cute.

My friend is weird because she lives in a funeral home – My Girl

I thought the first movie I would write about would be a teenage flick like She’s All That. I changed my mind to My Girl.


Aww, it’s Macaulay Culkin, and he’s so cute in this movie, especially with the glasses.

I dreaded writing about the Spice Girl because they were past the mid nineties, but I chose to get them over with so I can focus on better music artist.

Mr Girl was released in 1991 in USA but released 1992 in the rest of the world. The plot summary is . . . it is um . . . I find it hard to summarize. I could never tell a friend what this movie was about. It was about a little girl who was a tomboy and was an outcast. Her mother was dead, her father was an undertaker, the only friend she had was Thomas. J. She was going through— I’m just going to give up. There is no way I can give you the basic plot in just a few words, so I’m going to have to do it the long way: right from the start.

Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky) was only eleven years old and lived in a large house where her father (Dan Aykroyd) held funerals and held the deceased down in the basement. Why would a father allow this to happen? Didn’t he understand that Vada could be frightened by dead people? Guess he was too depressed with his wife’s death to think it through. She was only eleven! In a way, Vada was afraid, but she thought if she became one of them, she wouldn’t be so afraid. Vada was a regular patient at the doctors thinking she was going to die very soon and claimed there was something wrong with her.

Thomas J. Sennett (Culkin) was a nice, short, and scrawny little boy who was allergic to pretty much everything. He was allergic to chocolate! Vada and Thomas were best friends and they mostly hung around their favourite tree beside the lake. They lived in a really small town so everyone pretty much knew everyone else. They popped by their English Teacher house (I would never have visited a teacher if I was still in elementary school) during their summer break. Vada had a huge crush on him. When I mean huge I mean she sang love songs to his picture in the school photo. When she found out Mr. Bixler was going to teach an adults English class she had to be in his class just to see him.

Meanwhile Shelley Devoto arrived for a job interview to become a make-up artist. She was shocked to find out that she going to put make-up on dead people. Shelley (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Harry, the father fell in love with each other. Vada was upset by this, no one replaces my mom she thought. She made sure Shelley knew that Vada didn’t accept her as apart of this family. She was even more furious when she found out they were engaged. Thomas J. was always by her side whenever she needed him, even when he didn’t agree with everything she did or said. The thing was, Vada needed a female to look up to and to teach her about growing up into a woman.

Rent this movie just to see Macaulay’s and Anne Clumsky’s first on screen kiss.

I am not embarassed to say that this movie made me cry the first time I saw it. I rented this movie a long time ago because of my friend suggested it. I watched this movie for the second time and I cried, again, even when I knew what was coming.

This is not scary. It is not miserable or dramatic, it is realistic and escapes to somewhere you’ve been before: your childhood. The sixties and seventies music gives it a touch of innocence. It is the type of music children should be listening to, not what they’re listening to nowadays. There’s nothing negative I can say. It’s a heartwarming movie and I will cherish it forever.