Hey Football Head!

I mean, Hey Arnold!



Hey Arnold is another Nickelodeon cartoon that went from 1996 to 2004. I didn’t know it ran on for so long since it was never played in my country after 2002. Nickelodeon sure creates some great cartoons. Disney’s pretty good too, but Disney is more famous for the animation than the cartoon, you know? If you don’t get it, read my post on Rocko’s Modern Life and hopefully you’ll understand the difference between animation and cartoon.
 I never had amnesia, but I’m starting to understand how it feels. I remember I really liked a cartoon named Hey Arnold, but I didn’t remember a single episode until something in my life reminds me of an episode from the show. For example, I was thinking about sister rivalry and different situations on how sisters just don’t get a long. Then the episode of Helga and her sister just popped into my brain. I just watched the movie on television today and it spurred another bunch of episodes I never knew I still remembered.
 I guess your memory of something like that never goes away; it’s just pushed to the back of your brain, behind all your studies. When you start to remember, and learn new things, you forget a lot of stuff. Yesterday I couldn’t remember the guy that played Danny from Grease (John Travolta), or the girl’s (Olivia Newton John), because I was remembering too much about my favourite cartoon episodes.
 Arnold has a long shaped head and lives with his grandparents with some strange neighbours in a not-so-fancy apartment building in the city. His best friend, Gerald Martin Johanssen is an urban guy with a vertically long stack of hair and is known as the coolest kid in class. Helga also has strange hair that pokes right out like two pig tales. Nothing can make those pig tales come down, not even moose. She likes to annoy Arnold and push him over the edge. At first it seems she really, really hates him, but she has a huge crush on Arnold, which goes out of hand. Harold Berman is the school bully, not a very bright one either.

 Here are some of my favourites:
Olga Comes Home: Olga is Helga’s older sister who goes to boarding school. She’s the perfect straight-A student and the parents seem to love her more than Helga. One day Helga changes one of Olga’s grades from an A to a B-plus. Olga goes into depression and never leaves her room, and never stops crying. I use to know a girl like Olga, she got sad, but never cried. Yeesh. Love this episode.
Abner Comes Home: Arnold doesn’t own a pet dog; he owns a pet pig which he treats like a dog. Abner is his other best friend, and when it runs away Arnold gets really upset and wonders if he’ll ever return to him. Arnold comes up with a great idea of creating an area full of mud and other crap; what pigs eat.
Arnold’s Valentine: Arnold is supposed to go on a date with Cecile, his pen pal from France, but Helga dresses up as a French girl (gets a French hair cut at a dog grooming salon!) and pretends to be Cecile. Helga orders something off the menu in French but doesn’t know what it is, and throws up every time she eats it. She pretends to love it, since she’s from France.
The Vacant Lot: I have this thing with Baseball. Arnold and his friends find playing baseball in the city street is difficult because cars are always driving past. They find a vacant lot unused and set up their baseball game there. Soon the adults come and take over, using it for their own selfish reasons. 

I didn’t like this one:
6th Grade Girls: At the local pool, two sixth grade girls are annoyed with how their boyfriends treat them, and think they’re kind of immature. They ask Arnold and Gerald out to the school dance. Gerald teaches himself and Arnold how to dance and act cool around girls in the sixth grade.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Nickelodeon’s funny classic cartoon

I think this will be a short post because there’s not much I can say.

This is not any animated television show, this is a REAL CARTOON! I was a young little girl so I hated it for being a CARTOON. Why did they have to exaggerate everthing? How come everything was going wrong for Rocko? Can’t there be an episode where it wasn’t so tragic and irritating for him, because it irritated me. Well after not watching it for a year, I really missed the show and realized that it was really funny. When it came back on I quickly grabbed a video cassette and pressed record on my video player.

 Rocko was an immigrant wallaby from Australia (in case you don’t know where wallabies come from) and was trying to live his new modern life in America. His best friend Heffer was a very famished steer and his other friend was an anxious turtle, Filburt. Rocko had a pet dog, Spunky. I don’t understand how a wallaby can have a pet dog; but then again, it is a cartoon. This cartoon was filled with hundreds of wacky characters. The worst of them all were Rocko’s frog neighbours; Mr. and Mrs. Bighead. They were the freakiest and most annoying cartoon characters I have ever met, not to mention the ugliest.

 I have two favourite episodes I remember very clearly. The first one is based on Mr. and Mrs. Bighead’s son who was a director/producer/writer. He created his own shows. The thing was, he really hated his job and tried to make his tv shows as bad as he could so that they would fire him. He even made a whole episode of a pickle jar just sitting in the corner (or some other jar of something) and he gained even more views! That was hilarious. So the son thought of a great idea of making Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt create an episode for him, they are bound to think of something really bad. In the end Rocko convinced the son that he should be trying to make his shows the best and put a lot of effort into them. The son was persuaded and put a lot of effort into his next show, but the audience hated it and he was fired. How ironic huh?

The other one was when Heffer, Filburt, and Rocko had to take care of Filburt’s unhatched egg. This show was full of laughs.

I taped over the episodes I recorded. I wish I didn’t but I was running out of tapes. You can watch some episodes on youtube though. Hooray.

On the IMDB forum, someone said that Rocko’s Modern Life might be released on DVD this year in 2008. Another hooray!

See. . . told you it’s a short post– for a tv show I mean.

Credit to xXwhitexshadowXx for the video.