Dinosaurs TV

It’s DINO week! Dinosaurs were so cool in the 90s, and so was the TV show Dinosaurs. It’s a sitcom based on the Sinclair family with Earl and Fran as the parents; Robbie and Charlene as brother and sister; and Baby as . . . the baby.





Unfortunately I don’t remember a single episode. I do remember it making me laugh and that I loved this show. Too bad it didn’t last very long. It aired from 1991 to 1994. This classic isn’t released on DVD in my country. Shame. Anyone else love this show? If you remember an episode you love (unlike me) please share!

Yo-Yo Time

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, you must have gone through the Yo-Yo phase. Now yo-yos weren’t developed in the 90s or anything, in fact, it went all the way back to 1000 BCE, but it was in the 90s that it became so big. Pretty much every child had a yo-yo. If you didn’t have one, there must have been something wrong with you. Everyone was yo-yoing during recess and one time I didn’t have one. It was so boring watching everyone play and do tricks with their yo-yos while I just stood there.


(I wanted to put a picture of my yo-yos but I can’t find them anywhere.)

Yo-yos were so big that The Simpsons even did an episode about it. I haven’t seen that episode in a long, long time. Don’t remember what happened.


The only tricks I can remember at the top of my head was the cradle and the dog walker. For the cradle you use the string to form a triangle around the yo-yo and rock the yo-yo back and forth. Not really a trick, just something cute somebody thought. I saw the dog walker for the first time performed by my P.E. teacher. He brought the yo-yo in and started showing off. The yo-yo would keep jumping up and down his leg as if it were a dog. We all thought it was so cool.

If you had any tricks you thought up the top of your head, be sure to tell!