Utahraptor spielbergi?


That can not be the scientific name for the six-metre tall Velociraptor. Is it?

Here’s the low down:

Steven Spielberg wanted the scariest dinosaurs in his movie Jurassic Park. Velociraptors were only discovered to be only 1.8metres tall, but they would look too wimpy onscreen so he made his Velociraptors 6 metres tall. Not long after in Utah, USA 1992, scientist found a 6 metre tall ‘raptor’ just like the ones in the movie! They decided to call it Utahraptor because it was found in Utah. These raptors were super deadly, maybe even more so than T-Rex.

They didn’t live during the same period, but they were the most feared. What happens when these two monsters meet?


The Utahraptor vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Size –
Utahraptor: Six metres long.
T-Rex: 5.4 metres tall.

Weight –
Utahraptor: Nearly a tonne.
T-Rex: Six tonnes

Best Features –
Utahraptor: Huge (38 centimetres) curved hind claws.
T-Rex: Huge, strong jaw and massive neck. Bite-and-shake action twice as strong as any other predator.

Speed/Agility –
Utahraptor: Runs on two feet. Top sprint speed: 64 kilometres per hour. Tail can do quick flips for easy turning and jumping. Climbs trees. Can’t dig.
T-Rex: Runs on two feet. Top sprint speed: 64 kilometres per hour. Stiff tail, good for flipping and turning quickly. Can’t climb, but large feet great for digging prayer out of borrows. Good swimmer, but kind of slow.

Senses –
Utahraptor: Excellent vision. Long snout means good sense of smell.
T-Rex: Great at smelling out a meal. Fantastic vision and hearing.

Smarts –
Utahraptor: Huge brain: much smarter than most other dinos.
T-Rex: So-so-sized brain; smart but no rocket scientist.

Strengths –
Utahraptor: Sharp teeth and long jaw good for quick, snapping bites. Mascular neck can jerk head and up for fast tearing action. Long claws on all toes good for grabbing, tearing.
T-Rex: Huge teeth look like elephants tusks and can cash through ribs, shoulder blades and skulls.

Weaknesses –
Utahraptor: Can’t move fash in forest. Lack of swimming skills makes it vulnerable in swampy areas. Small hind feet make walking in mud hard.
T-Rex: Can’t move quickly in dense forest. Slow on attack. Tiny arms.

Yes it’s been over a week since my first Dino post. But I swear this is the last dinosaur post. Dinosaurs are just so cool right now (90s).

This is what I think will happen. Utahraptor quickly climbs up a tree and jumps on top of T-Rex. He claws his eyes out and his back. T-Rex in pain, swings his head from side to side. He runs into a lake. Utahraptor has trouble moving but manages to claw into T-Rex’s body. T-Rex bites his tiny head off. Utahraptor Dies.

Sounds about right? Anybody think T-Rex is no match for clever Utahraptor?

Source: Disney Adventures Oct/Nov 1993